QPS Fall 2020 Re-Entry FAQs & Answers

QPS Fall 2020 Re-Entry FAQs & Answers
Posted on 09/09/2020

This document will be updated and additional sections added as information continues to be finalized.

School Information

(1) When is the first day of school?

Students in Grades 1-12 will begin on Wednesday, September 16.  The first day of school will be a remote learning day for these students.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will begin school on Monday, September 21.

Click here for the QPS 2020-21 School Year Calendar.

(2) What are the school hours?

Hybrid students will have their regular school hours.  Most elementary remote learners will also have their regular school hours, but students assigned to a teacher from a different school may follow that school's hours.

Pre-Kindergarten (Della Chiesa ECC, Point Webster, Snug Harbor):

  • Half-Day Program 7:35 am to 10:15 am or 11:10 am to 1:50 pm
  • Full-Day Program: 7:35 am to 1:50 pm

Elementary Kindergarten

  • 7:45 am to 10:15 am and 11:30 to 2:00 pm: Atherton Hough, Bernazzani, Lincoln Hancock, Merrymount, Wollaston
  • 8:15 am to 10:45 am and 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm: Beechwood Knoll, Clifford Marshall, Montclair, Parker, Snug Harbor, Squantum

Elementary Gr. 1-5

  • 7:45 am to 2:00 pm:  Atherton Hough, Bernazzani, Lincoln Hancock, Merrymount, Wollaston
  • 8:15 am to 2:30 pm: Beechwood Knoll, Clifford Marshall, Montclair, Parker, Point Webster Gr. 5, Snug Harbor, South~West Gr. 5, Squantum

Middle Schools Gr. 6-8:  8:15 am to 2:30 pm

High Schools Gr. 9-12:  7:45 am to 2:30 pm

(3) What does a school day schedule look like?

Parent Information Presentations with Sample Schedules:

(4) How should a student absence be reported?

Student absences, whether for hybrid or remote learners, should be called into the school office.  If remote learners will miss a class due to an appointment or illness, the school should be notified as well.

(5) Will students be able to change from remote to hybrid or hybrid to remote at a later date?

There will be the opportunity for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 parents to request a change in their student's instructional learning plan for October 13.  Parents should contact their school principal to request the change.

Students in Grades 4-12 will have the opportunity to begin hybrid learning on Tuesday, October 13.  A link will be emailed to parents on Monday, September 14 to select the instructional preference for your student.

(6) Will breakfast and lunch be available for all students?

Beginning Wednesday, September 9, "grab and go" breakfast and lunch will be available outside all Quincy Public Schools locations from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Beginning Wednesday, September 16, all school sites will also have breakfast and lunch available for all students attending school in person.  All meals are at no charge to Quincy Public Schools students through December 31.

(7) Were the ventilation/HVAC systems in all Quincy Public Schools buildings evaluated over the summer?

City of Quincy Mechanical Engineer David Scott and a team of Maintenance Department staff and outside contractors evaluated the ventilation, filtration, and HVAC systems in all twenty Quincy Public Schools buildings. The full report can be found here:  QPS Ventilation HVAC Updated Report 9.15.2020

In addition, Mr. Scott and his team have conducted a survey of CO2 levels in occupied rooms in every Quincy Public Schools building.  The summary report and detailed data can be found here:

Additional Resources:

7.22.2020 DESE Facilities Operations Guide

National Institutes of Health, "How can airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors be minimised?"



Technology  (IT Help Line 617-984-8770 beginning September 16)

(1) When will Chromebooks be distributed to students who need to borrow them?

Chromebooks will be distributed at the Coddington Building, 34 Coddington Street on September 10 and September 11 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and September 12 from 8:00 am to noon.

At this time, there are approximately 1150 Chromebooks available for distribution to Quincy Public Schools students.  An additional 2200 Chromebooks are due to arrive by the end of September.

(2) Frequently asked IT questions (click the question to access the links):

(3) NEW Quincy Public Schools is offering full-remote students in grades 6-12 students the opportunity to utilize North Quincy High and Quincy High School state-of-the-art technology mini-labs, in lieu of a borrowed Chromebook at this time. 

Mini Technology labs include the following: 10-12 computers (per lab), assigned classroom, computer and seat, access to school lunch, supervised by a QPS staff member; and all participants will follow QPS safety and health and social distancing guidelines. Mini-Technology Labs will be open Mondays – Fridays, 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Email qpschromebookloan@quincypublicschools.com.


(1) Will student assignments and assessments be graded?

Yes, students will be assessed on performance towards meeting grade level standards (elementary school), with letter grades (middle school) and numeric grades (high school).

(2) Will homework be assigned? 

Elementary students will not be assigned homework during hybrid/remote learning.  Middle school students will have limited assignments and high school will have regular homework assignments.  Click here for the complete Homework Policy.

(3) Will remote students follow the same schedule as hybrid learners?

All students Grades 1-12 will be scheduled for the full length of the school day, with movement/mask breaks and lunch. Schedules will be similar, but not identical for hybrid and remote learners.

(4) When will middle and high school students be able to see their schedules in Aspen?

Middle and high school remote learning schedules will be available on or before September 11.

(5) Will remote learning be offered all year?

Yes, when hybrid learning is offered for Grades 4-12, remote learning will be available for families who choose.

(6) When will Grades 4-12 be able to attend school under the hybrid learning model?

School Committee has a tentative plan for Grades 4-8 to enter remote learning on Tuesday, October 13 and Grades 9-12 on Monday, November 9.  These dates are subject to analysis with metrics and data, such as the COVID-19 status found on the City of Quincy website.

(7) Will the MCAS assessments be given for Grades 3-8 and 10 in Spring 2021?

The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education has not yet determined if the MCAS will be administered.

(8) Will students who have Special Education, Literacy, or English Learner scheduled be able to receive these under remote or hybrid learning? 

Yes, students will receive all of these services whether they are remote or hybrid learners.  Depending on the level of services, some students may be invited to attend school full-time in person (Substantially Separate Special Education classes and English Learners with level 1 or 2 fluency).

(9) When will Kindergarten students be screened?

Kindergarten students will be screened during the first few days of school.

(10) How will high school Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) programs work during remote learning?

All CVTE programs have instruction and writing components, generally these are interspersed through the year with hands-on learning experience.  The course syllabi are being re-organized to frontload the reading/writing components to the first term. 

Extracurricular Activities

(1) Will there be high school Athletics in the fall?

Yes, School Committee voted to schedule Fall Athletics for the high schools under the guidelines from the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association (MIAA).  Tryouts and practices can begin on Friday, September 18 for Boys & Girls Cross-Country, Boys Golf, Boys & Girls Soccer, and Girls Volleyball.

(2) Will there be high school Marching Band?

Yes, Marching Band practices will be held in accordance with current health guidance.

(3) Will there be middle school Athletics and activities?  Will there be elementary school after school activities?

Quincy Public Schools is collaborating with the Quincy Recreation Department to provide extracurricular opportunities for elementary and middle school students.  More details to come about these offerings.

Health & Wellness

(1) Will All Students Wear Masks or Face Coverings?

School Committee recently established a Policy that all students ages 3 and above must wear masks or face coverings in school.  Click here for the complete Policy.

(2) Will parents be notified if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

Close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case will be notified and advised about testing and quarantine/isolation in consultation with City of Health Commissioner Ruth Jones.  The school community will also receive notification of the positive case. COVID-19 notification protocols can be found here.

(3) What are the guidelines on the flu vaccination?

All students should receive the flu vaccine by December 31 and submit proof of the vaccine to their school nurse.

(4) Are students required to be up to date on other vaccines even if remote learning?

All students should follow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health vaccine requirements and submit proof of the vaccine to their school nurse.