A Message from Francesca Quintero and Melanie Sullivan, PASS Guidance Team

Greetings PASS Students and Families:  We hope this message finds you well. We along with the PASS teachers, and Ms. Shea have missed seeing you at school and want to stay connected.  We will be reaching out by email and if you have not heard from us, please email us at and/or   During the school closure, it is important for you all to continue with your learning. Some of you are already registered for online Acellus courses and should keep working on those classes. For those of you who are not, we will be reaching out to you in order to get you started. An ID number and password will be sent to you so that you can get up and running as soon as possible. Your teachers and guidance counselors will monitor your progress and will reach out to you to support your completion of the academic requirements.  The PASS Program is a very special place and YOU ALL are important to us. We are committed to ensuring that you make academic progress. WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! Most importantly, please stay safe and take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy and exercise.   

The PASS Team:

Ms. Quintero  

Ms. Sullivan

Ms. Desmond 

Mr. Healey