High School

PD Topic: DataClassroom Data Analysis Tool

Both NQHS and QHS science educators can join DataClassroom creator Aaron Reedy to learn about this exciting online data analysis tool. Use DataClassroom to guide students through graphing and analysis (including statistics) of pre-made data sets or personal data collected during classroom activities, labs, or science fair experiments.

Live Zoom session: Tuesday, March 31st @ 1:00 pm EST
*The session will be recorded and available for you to view at a more convenient time*

Information to join the meeting can be found on this information page.

If you plan to attend the live session on Tuesday, please fill in your contact information on this spreadsheet to allow us to prep your access to the site. For those viewing the recorded session, the email containing the link to the recording will provide specific instructions for access.

NQHS Science Teacher, Cara Pekarcik carapekarcik@quincypublicschools.com or Rob Shaw robertshaw@quincypublicschools.com will be your main points of contact. Please reach out to them for further information.


Shared Online Science Resource Library by Content Area 

This living Google document provides a place where both QHS or NQHS science teachers can share content specific online resources such as youtube videos, TED talks, online labs, online simulations, worksheet hubs, practice tests, etc. Please surf the web and add content specific (or even unit/lesson specific) resources under your content area, provide a brief description of the site and then provide your name next to the description. This online library of websites will be an incredible resource for veteran and new teachers alike, as well as a resource for providing online/remote learning for students.

Julie Krieger, QHS Science Department Head, will be the point of contact for this PD. Feel free to email her with any questions at juliekrieger@quincypublicschools.com