Aspen Student Information System ~ Middle and High School Student Portal


Over the course of this school year and next, Quincy Public Schools will continue its transition to ASPEN, our new student information system.  Most recently, we have begun implementing the Student Portal module , allowing access for students and parents at all middle schools and high schools.

Aspen’s Student Portal provides teachers, parents, and students with the opportunity for direct communication.  Families can use the Student Portal to view academic progress, daily attendance records, schedules, Interim Reports, and End of Term Grades for their Quincy Public Schools students, along with the ability to contact teachers with questions and concerns.  Students and parents can explore different sections of the Portal, including:

  • My Pages:  Student home work assignments and timelines
  • My Info:  Student demographics, daily attendance, transcripts, assessments, and notifications
  • Academics/Gradebook:  Academic information for each class, including student attendance summary and grades; Assignments, including due dates and scores, class period attendance  (parents please note that full implementation of the academic portion of the student portal is not mandatory for teachers at this time)
  • Calendar:  Students can create appointments and manage their class assignments
  • Student Locker:  Students can upload and save files in the virtual locker.  For example, from your home computer, you might upload an English essay, or a spreadsheet you created for Math class.  Then, when you arrive at school, you can access your files from any computer.

To access the Aspen Student Portal visit:  Your student should have received their user name (8-digit local student id number) and a generic password at school.  If you have not received this information, please contact your student’s guidance counselor.

Below you will find useful Guides that demonstrate how to navigate the various features of the Aspen Student Portal.  Click on the links below to view each document.

Description Links
How to Log into Aspen Document Link
How To View Student’s Daily Attendance Document Link
How To View Student’s Schedule Document Link
How View Student’s Academic Progress Document Link
How to Use the Locker Document Link


Below you will find useful Videos that demonstrate how to navigate various features of the Aspen Student Portal.  Click on the links below to watch and learn.

Description Links
Student Portal Overview Video Link
Using the Calendar Video Link
Using My Resources Video Link
Accessing and Submitting Assignments in the Student Portal Video Link

Below you will find useful Power Point Presentations that demonstrate how to navigate various features of the Aspen Student Portal.  Click on the links below to watch and learn.

Description Links
Aspen Parent Academy Power Point Presentation
Aspen Student Portal Overview Power Point Presentation
Aspen Student Portal Brochure Aspen Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I retrieve my forgotten password?
On the log-in page, look under the log-in box for “I forgot my password.” Click on this link, follow the directions, and your password will be sent to the registered e-mail address. 
2) How do I find out my username?
All usernames are your student’s 8-digit local id number; your student’s guidance counselor can help you if did not receive this information.
3) How do I change the e-mail address associated with this account?
In the upper right hand corner click on “Set Preferences.” You will then see a pop-up box. Choose the security tab at the top and change your e-mail address and press “OK.”
4) What if my account is disabled?
If you have tried to log-in unsuccessfully 3 or more times, your account will be disabled. Please contact your school to have them reset your password.
For additional information or assistance please contact your school principal or guidance counselor.