Dec 082016

At their December 7, 2016 meeting, School Committee member Barbara Isola presented the Superintendent’s Summative Evaluation for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.  At the October 19 School Committee Meeting, Superintendent DeCristofaro presented his self-evaluation of his progress towards the Superintendent’s Annual Plan Goals.  (Click here for Superintendent DeCristofaro’s presentation to School Committee.)  School Committee then completed individual evaluations of Superintendent DeCristofaro and the Summative Evaluation presented last night is the composite of individual School Committee members evaluations.   Dr. DeCristofaro was evaluated on five specific goals relating to Professional Practice (Met), Student Learning (Some Progress), and District Improvement (Met) and also was evaluated on four standards of performance:  Instructional Leadership (Proficient), Management & Operations (Proficient), Family & Community Engagement (Proficient), and Professional Culture (Proficient).  School Committee gave Dr. DeCristofaro an overall rating of Proficient, defined by DESE as the rigorous expected level of performance.Click here to review the Summative Evaluation.

At the December 7 meeting, School Committee also approved the Superintendent’s Annual Plan for 2016-2017.