Quincy School Committee Year in Review

 Posted by on June 26, 2013
Jun 262013


The following is a review of School Committee’s many accomplishments of this past school year.  School Committee convened at fifty Regular and Subcommittee Meetings, plus individual members participated in many negotiation sessions with members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team.

Memorandums of Agreement were negotiated with every Quincy Public Schools bargaining unit, including: Teamsters Local 122 (Bus Drivers, Bus Monitors, School Security Force Association); Quincy Education Association Unit A (Teachers); Quincy Educational Employees Union SEIU Local 888 (Clerical and Technical Staff); Quincy Public Schools Custodian Association; Quincy Food Services Association SEIU Local 888; and the Quincy Public Schools Paraprofessional Unit SEIU Local 888.

Budget and Finance (Ms. Isola, Chair)

  • Reviewed and approved the Athletic Department Program Improvement Plan.
  • Monitored FY2013 Budget through Quarterly Report presentations including adherence to class size guidelines and the re-allocation of professional staff as needed.
  • Monitored Revolving Accounts for Athletics, Building Rentals, Food Services, and Transportation.
  • Developed the FY2014 QPS Budget in partnership with the Superintendent, Leadership Team, and Principals.

 Facilities and Security (Mr. McCarthy, Chair)

  • Reviewed and approved the Safety & Security and Custodial Services Program Improvement Plans.
  • Worked collaboratively with Public Buildings and Park & Forestry Department on prioritizing facility needs; requests were generated from the School Improvement Plans, the Lighting Audit, the Security Audit, and a special list of new building issues from Quincy High School.
  • Monitored concerns relating to the construction of the new Central Middle School, specifically the proximity of the Presidents City Inn.
  • Reviewed status of school building interior and exterior security, worked with Safety & Security, Maintenance, and Custodial to develop proposal for system-wide security upgrades now underway.  Security upgrades include additional interior and exterior cameras, photo identification for all QPS staff, new classroom, exit, and office door locks, video intercom systems, rapid entry systems for emergency responders, and access control for staff entry.

 Health, Safety, and Transportation (Mrs. Hubley, Chair)

  • Reviewed and approved the Student Support Services, Health Services, Transportation and Food Services Program Improvement Plans
  • Collaborated with Student Support, Health, and Food Services staff and the Policy Subcommittee on the revision of the Wellness Policy.
  • Participated in the Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Advisory Team and monitored initiatives, including Wellness, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

 Policy (Mr. Bregoli, Chair)

  • Reviewed and approved the Information Technology Program Improvement Plan and the long-range Technology Plan for 2013-2016.
  • Collaborated with the Health, Safety, and Transportation and Teaching & Learning Subcommittees and members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team on School Committee Policy revisions, including the Wellness Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Equal Opportunity Educational and Employment Opportunities Policy, and the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Reviewed and retained existing School Committee Policies on Graduation Requirements (4th year of Math Instruction, High School Grading, Physical Education Exemptions)
  • Reviewed the Academic Eligibility Policy and will continue evaluation in 2013-14.
  • Monitored the rollout of the Community Service Pilot for Grades 10 and 11 at both high schools.
  • Collaborated with the Superintendent’s Leadership Team on the development of the 2013-2014 School Year Calendar.

 Special Education (Mrs. Mahoney, Chair)

  • Reviewed and approved the Special Education Program Improvement Plan.
  • Continuing collaboration with the Quincy Parent Advisory Council to Special Education on raising parent awareness, monitoring the consistent delivery of services, and identifying areas for program improvement and expansion. 
  • Monitored initiatives, such as the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and enhanced Professional Development opportunities.

 Teaching and Learning (Mrs. Lebo, Chair)

  • Reviewed and approved the Elementary, Middle, and High School Improvement Plans; the Educational Technology, Title I, English Language Learners, Literacy, Pre-Kindergarten, and Career & Technical Education Program Improvement Plans; and the district-wide Curriculum Plan.
  • Reviewed the Annual System Profile and Progress Report
  • Collaborated with the Policy Subcommittee, the High School Principals and Guidance Department Chairs, and the Superintendent’s Leadership Team on the assessment of several existing Graduation Requirements (Mathematics Instruction, Grading)
  • Monitored QPS progress towards implementing state and federal mandates, including RETELL, the NCLB Waiver, new Educator Evaluation System.
  • Explored program restoration for the Elementary and Middle School libraries and collaborated on proposed incremental improvements in the FY2014 Budget with the Superintendent’s Leadership Team and Principals.

 Ad Hoc Subcommittees

  • Athletics Rules (Mr. McCarthy, Chair)  Reviewed topics requiring MIAA clarification; Athletic Eligibility issue referred to Policy Subcommittee.
  • Central Building Committee (Mrs. Mahoney, School Committee Representative)  Met monthly to review the progress and timeline of the construction of the new Central Middle School.