Quincy Public School District Profile


Student Information and 2015 Report Card

The Massachusetts Department of Education requires school districts to submit student data three times each year. This database known as the Student Information Management System (SIMS) tracks student information in each district by means of each student’s State Assigned Student IDentification (SASID number). In addition to SIMS the State requires that we also submit separate reports in other areas such as Student Discipline, English Language Learners test data, our Technology Plan, Professional Development Plan, District Improvement Plan etc.

When students register for school in Quincy they are entered into our information system (StarBase) and assigned a SASID number. The StarBase database is used by over 700 school staff for a variety of functions. School secretaries register students and keep contact and emergency information up-to-date, attendance aides enter daily attendance, assistant principals enter discipline information, teachers enter information for interim reports and grades for report cards, and principals, directors and other administrators continually access this student information. Scheduling at the middle schools and high schools is completed by 3 staff members who also provide technical support on a daily basis to over 700 StarBase users.

Data about the Quincy Public Schools and its students is required to be submitted three (3) times each year to the Massachusetts Department of Education. The DOE collects this information as part of the state Student Information Management system (SIMS). SIMS Viewer  To log in user is Viewers and password is quincy.

2015 Report Card

We are pleased to share your school’s 2015 Accountability Report.  It contains important information about enrollment and student achievement on Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests, and the progress we are making toward helping all students become proficient in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

These findings are an important part of your right to know how well your school is helping all students to reach proficiency in English Language Arts and Mathematics.  We encourage you to become involved in helping us improve our schools by encouraging your child’s learning at home, attending parent-teacher conferences, serving as a volunteer in your school or district, and/or participating in your school’s PTO or School council.

District Profile

Atherton Hough Elementary School

Atlantic Middle School

Beechwood Knoll Elementary School

Broad Meadows Middle School

Central Middle School

Charles A. Bernazzani Elementary School

Clifford H. Marshall Elementary School

Francis W. Parker Elementary School

Lincoln-Hancock Community School

Merrymount Elementary School

Montclair Elementary School

North Quincy High School

Point Webster Middle School

Quincy High School

Reay E. Sterling Middle School

Snug Harbor Community School

Squantum Elementary School

Wollaston Elementary School