Title I FAQ



What is Title I?

Title I is the largest federal aid program our nation’s schools and has been funded by the United States government since 1965 to provide supplemental remedial services to students living in target areas and needing assistance in reading and/or mathematics. In Quincy, services are currently provided at Amelio Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center, Clifford Marshall, Lincoln-Hancock, Parker, and Snug Harbor Elementary Schools; and Point Webster and Sterling Middle Schools.

How are Title I Schools Selected?

Each Quincy school is ranked in order of percentage of low income families by free and reduced lunch. Schools are then selected for Title I eligibility in order of rank. All students are eligible for Title I services if they live in a target area school, but by law must be chosen in order of educational need.

How Do Students receive Title I assistance?

Schools have selected various ways to deliver Title 1 services to eligible students.At the elementary level, some schools have chosen to have the eligible students receive extra assistance in the classroom from the Title 1 teacher.In school-wide projects, where low income percentages have exceeded fifty percent, all children are considered eligible for Title 1 services, so both locally and Title 1 funded teachers service all children in the regular classroom.

Title 1 programs generally offer smaller classes or in-class assistance, additional teachers and assistants, additional training for school staff, extra time for instruction and a variety of teaching methods and materials.

How is Title I Evaluated?

All children receiving Title I services are assessed to determine whether they have made adequate progress.The Title I program is reviewed each year by administrators, teachers and parents.If goals have not been met, the plans must be revised.

How are Parents involved in the Title I Program?

Federal regulations require parental notification and parental input into Title 1 programs.An annual meeting for parents is scheduled to share information and answer questions about the program. The committee defines parental involvement policies, publicizes information about the program to all parents and monitors the program to insure that eligible children are receiving appropriate Title 1 services.

An individual schools’ Open Houses, brochures describing Title 1, as well as the parent activities offered through each Title 1 school are distributed.

What types of Title I Programs are available in Quincy?

  • An integrated early childhood program at the Amelio Della Chiesa, Clifford Marshall, Parker and Snug Harbor schools servicing 150 children.
  • Reading instruction in Grades 1 – 5.
  • Mathematics instruction in Grades 2 – 5.
  • Reading and Language Arts in Grades K – 5.