Student Support Services


Maura Papile

Senior Director of Student Support Services

Quincy Public Schools
159 Burgin Parkway
Quincy, MA 02169

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Quincy Public Schools’ Student Support Services is to provide a comprehensive program that encourages the development of each student’s academic, career, social and personal growth while maintaining a commitment to supporting individual uniqueness and maximizing human potential. We encourage a collaborative partnership of administrators, staff, parents and community members to achieve this mission.

We believe that:

  • All students can achieve their personal best given proper
    instruction, access to services, and support which recognizes
    individual differences and learning styles.
  • Student success is accomplished through mutual respect, trust,
    open communication and personal commitment to succeed.
  • Development of the whole person, socially, physically,
    intellectually and emotionally is critical to success.

Director’s Message:

In seeking to achieve the goals of our mission statement, the program Improvement Plan will address the greatest areas of need in our student population while seeking to improve school climate in general benefiting all stakeholders.  Student Support Services Program Improvement Plan is directed at cultivating student success by mitigating the social/emotional barriers to learning and providing students with opportunities to gain an increased knowledge of coping skills, decision making and promoting self esteem.  Our guidance curriculum within the classroom and well planned individual interventions with a team approach provide necessary supports for students. The area of student support service is quite diverse and encompassing necessitating interventions that require many levels of intervention and service.

Last year, Quincy Public Schools worked to implement the key requirements of the bullying prevention and intervention law, M.G.L. c. 71, s 370.  A systematic implementation of school wide programs and professional development was implemented to address the issue of bullying and aid in improving social skills in students creating a safer and more trusting learning environment. The Student Support Service staff took a leadership role in implementing the key requirements mandated in this legislation.  Already all professional staff has been trained on the bullying reporting system adopted by Quincy Public Schools.  Training regarding the impact of bullying and appropriate school response have been delivered to staff.  The professional development this year and SMART goals included in the Student Support Services Program Improvement Plan will be directly related to the social/emotional barriers to learning.  Through quality professional development initiatives the Student Support Services Program of Quincy Public School’s is dedicated to removing barriers to learning and promoting educational as well as emotional and social success among the student body.

Improvement Plan:

Student Support Services Program Improvement Plan 2016-2017


Attendance: Supervisors of Attendance are certified professionals who are responsible for enforcing the Massachusetts General Laws pertaining to school attendance and residency issues.They provide outreach to students and families where school attendance is a problem. Supervisors of attendance are members of the Student Support Team and monthly “Family Assistance Conferences” offer a wide array of services to families. Court involvement is a last resort for dealing with serious attendance issues. Click here to view/print a copy of a parent’s guide to school attendance

Guidance Services: Guidance Counselors are professionally trained to assist all students in academic, personal, behavioral, and social-emotional areas. Counselors in each school work with students individually, in small groups, and in the classroom .Observation and teacher/ parent consultations allow counselors to understand the whole child and to plan positive interventions and referrals when necessary .Counselors emphasize preventive and developmental approaches to provide students with the life skills needed to deal with life’s pressures.

Elementary Counselors: Elementary counselors serve as the chairperson of the school’s special education program .Parents may contact the counselor for more information. Conflict resolution and personal safety skills lessons (“Kids and Company”) are presented to students each year.

Middle School Counselors: Middle School Counselors support students in their transition to the middle school setting .Counselors also assist eighth grade students and their parents with high school program planning. Student mediation is offered, study skills, and many topical groups are offered.

High School Counselors: High School Counselors provide academic and personal counseling to students individually and in small groups. Counselors also help students to evaluate their abilities and interests in order to develop realistic academic and career goals. High school counselors advise on college or technical school majors, admission requirements, exams, and financial aid.

Homeless Support Educational Services for Homeless Families:

Educational Services for Homeless Families are coordinated by a certified educator and provide outreach, referral, tutoring, transportation, and educational opportunities.The coordinator collaborates with the Student Support Team in each school to identify families in need and every effort is made to offer appropriate services. Click here to view/print a flyer describing services for homeless families.

Internet Safety: The Internet is a wonderful tool for learning. Information on any topic imaginable, great books, cutting-edge research and more can be brought directly to the desktop of any student. But along with the information, there can be danger. QPS has an extensive Internet Safety policy, including guides to keep students safe.

School Psychologists: School Psychologists are equipped to deal with a wide range of issues which children and young people may face. They are expert in evaluation and assessment and provide individual and group counseling as well as social skills training. Psychologists are also trained in crisis intervention and referral.

Quincy Teen Mothers: Quincy Teen Mother’s Program provides a high school education, family life classes, and parenting support to pregnant and parenting teens. This program, which is a model throughout the state, is in its twenty-fifth year of operation and is certified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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