Literacy Program


Bridget Vaughan, Coordinator of ELA Programs

Quincy Public Schools

34 Coddington Street

Quincy, MA  02169



Mission Statement:

The Literacy Program was developed to identify students who struggle to acquire literacy through the administration and analysis of reading assessments.

Literacy teachers provide intervention, based on SBRR programs, to struggling readers in grades Kindergarten through three.

The Literacy Program also provides the QPS system-wide professional development for the literacy training of our elementary staff.

Literacy Coordinator’s Message:

Early childhood through third grade is a critical time for beginning readers. From Kindergarten through third grade, children are taught the skills that together enable them to understand and find meaning in what they read and take advantage of the learning opportunities in fourth grade and beyond.

These skills include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. Current research has focused on the critical nature of the primary grades in term of literacy development.

Many students come to school with literacy backgrounds that put them at risk of failure. It is imperative that we provide the underachieving students the interventions they need to close the achievement gap.

It is the function of the literacy team to provide these interventions within a comprehensive design, to promote high quality literacy instruction with frequent progress monitoring to achieve positive expectations and standards for each of our students.

Improvement Plan:

Literacy Program Improvement Plan

Additional Resources:

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