Human Resources FAQ


Human Resources

What insurance benefits are Quincy Public Schools teachers eligible for?

Any permanent teacher at half-time or higher is eligible for Harvard Pilgrim Health Coverage and Delta Dental Insurance. The City of Quincy pays for 90% of the HMO Health Insurance plan, and 50% of all dental insurance premiums.

What sick leave and personal leave apply to our teachers?

The annual sick leave allotment is 15 days for a full-time teacher. Unused sick leave accumulates without limit. Teachers may also use up to 2 days of paid personal leave to care for pressing personal business that cannot be addressed outside the school day.

Must I substitute teach before I’ll be considered for a contract?

No, but it is a wonderful way to become known by principals and to learn more about our school system!

What is the hiring process for teachers in Quincy?

Please mail a copy of your resume, a brief cover letter indicating the position of interest along with a copy of your Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education License(s) to the:

34 Coddington Street
Quincy, MA 02169

The Human Resources office will will forward appropriate resumes to principals whose schools have vacancies. Principals will screen applicants, contact candidates, coordinate interviews, and recommend appointment.

What first steps should I take toward employment in the Quincy Public Schools?

  • Take and pass all necessary parts of the Massachusetts Teacher’s Test. (MTEL)
  • Apply for a Massachusetts Teacher’s License
  • Send a resume’ to the Human Resources Office
  • If possible, try to do your student teaching in the Quincy Public Schools
  • Substitute teach in the Quincy Public Schools