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Quincy Public Schools New Student Registration

Students who are new to Quincy Public Schools from outside the United States or whose family has a home language in addition to English, please contact Central Registration (617-376-3383) to schedule an appointment to register for school.

All other students may register by calling your neighborhood district school to schedule an appointment for registration.  (Click here for the QPS Street Directory to determine your neighborhood district school.)

  • Atherton Hough Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8797
  • Beechwood Knoll Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8781
  • Bernazzani Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8713
  • Lincoln Hancock Community School, Grades K-4  617-984-8715
  • Clifford Marshall Elementary School, Grades K-4  617-984-8721
  • Merrymount Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8762
  • Montclair Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8708
  • Parker Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8710
  • Snug Harbor Community School, Grades K-5  617-984-8763
  • Squantum Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8706
  • Wollaston Elementary School, Grades K-5  617-984-8791


  • Atlantic Middle School, Grades 6-8  617-984-8727
  • Broad Meadows Middle School, Grades 6-8  617-984-8723
  • Central Middle School, Grades 6-8  617-984-8725
  • Point Webster Middle School, Grades 5-8  617-984-6600
  • South~West Middle School, Grades 5-8  617-984-8729


  • North Quincy High School, Grades 9-12  617-984-8745
  • Quincy High School, Grades 9-12  617-376-3364

Click here for new student registration information and forms.

Click here for information about student transportation for elementary students.

For additional information about registration, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 617.984.8701.



Does QPS offer any special programs or services for students?

Yes. Learning does not stop when the school day or school year ends! QPS proudly offers a variety of classes to meet the learning needs of our students.

Summer Scene is a popular program offered during July and August.  Offerings include arts and enrichment programs, academic programs, and summer schools.  Watch the website for announcements in April and May. Other programs such as winter classes and after school programs are available at individual schools.  Please visit your child’s school page to learn about different programs available.


I need a copy of my child’s student records. How do I get them?

Student records are confidential to protect the rights and privacy of both students and parents. Parents have the right to review any and all student records with the principal. Please schedule an appointment with your principal if you wish to review your child’s records. A more extensive explanation concerning student records is available in our


How will I know if school is cancelled due to weather or other emergencies?

Severe weather or other emergencies may cause changes to the school day. When this happens, schools may need to close, start later, or dismiss earlier. Parents should plan in advance for such emergencies. When there are changes to the school, schedules, they are communicated immediately, generally by 6 a.m.

Learn more about our School Cancellation policy and how to sign up for automatic alerts to your email or via text message.

Does every school have a Parent Teacher Organization?

Yes! Parent Teacher OrganizationsSchool Councils operate at every school, and staff and parents are involved in an ever-increasing number of decisions. Shared decision-making helps to enhance educational opportunities for students and allows for improved assessment of school programs.

School Council members include parents, teachers, administrators and support staff. Members are elected by their peers and work together to develop the School Improvement Plan. Please visit the pages for your child’s school and contact the Parent/Teacher organization or your child’s principal.

We also have an active, city-wide parent’s council and Quincy Parent Advisory Council on Special Education.

I want to get involved at my child’s school, but I am not sure how. What can I do?

Parent involvement is encouraged and parents and guardians have many opportunities to participate. Parents have the opportunity to serve on advisory boards at individual schools. School councils have parent representatives who help make decisions which affect their school as part of the School Improvement Plan process. Some parents work with staff in classrooms and offices and as tutors or chaperones. Parent groups provide financial support to programs and assist with activities.

Concerts, assemblies. school plays, sports activities, science fairs, open houses and many other activities provide opportunities for students to share their talents with parents, families and friends. Please visit the pages for your child’s school and contact the Parent/Teacher organization or your child’s principal.

I am concerned about how my child is doing in school. Whom should I call?

If you have any concerns about how your child is faring either academically or socially in school, we urge you to contact your child’s teacher, principal or guidance counselor. Parents are important partners and we would expect parental concerns or complaints to be resolved quickly and carefully. Most complaints are resolved by addressing the persons closest to the situation.

Complaints concerning school-related issues, for example, instruction, discipline, or transportation should be first directed to the appropriate person such as a teacher or transportation office. If you are unable to solve an issue at its point of origin, you should attempt to resolve it at the next higher level. Go to the Schools page to get the contact information for your child’s school or Contact Us and choose the appropriate link for elementary, middle, high school, or click on administrators for a school-wide listing of administrators and departments.

When are the school vacations? Where can I find get a copy of the school calendar?

We have a printable copy of the calendar available.

For more information, you can view events for any school or for the entire district. Click on Calendar in the menu above and view all calendars for the District. Calendars are also available for each school and many departments.

Can my child ride the bus to school?

School bus transportation is available at designated stops to students living outside specified walking distances.

Massachusetts General Laws list the following transportation guidelines (a) students living at least one and one-half miles from school (b) students who live more than one mile from the nearest bus stop (c) students with special needs for whom transportation must be provided. Questions concerning student transportation should be directed to our Transportation Office.  Visit the web page to see current bus routes, suggested walking routes and more or call the Transportation Office at (617)984-8964.

Does QPS have a policy on technology and Internet usage?

Yes. Technology resources are available for students in both classroom and lab settings. Schools are fully networked, allowing all students in every school to access computers and other technology as tools for learning. Instructional staff receive training to integrate the use of technology into instruction so that students can use these resources to access data, conduct research, compile data. Instructional staff are expected to supervise student use of computers and the Internet. In order for a child to access the Internet, parents must sign and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Does QPS have a dress code?

Students should come to school dressed appropriately. Appropriate dress and grooming are primarily the concern of individual students and parents. However, students are not considered appropriately dressed or groomed if their appearance is disruptive to themselves or others, or if it interferes with health and safety.

What is the attendance policy? What do I do if my child is absent?

It has been said that half of being successful in life is just showing up! Regular daily attendance is one of the keys to success in school. Students should attend all scheduled classes unless officially excused.

If your child is absent for any reason, they must bring a note explaining the absence, signed by a parent or guardian. Multiple absences can result in course failures for a term or retention in a grade. Please consult the school handbook for specifics or speak with your child’s teacher or principal.

Do you serve lunch and breakfast?

We serve breakfast and lunch at all schools every day.

Lunch Prices:

  • Elementary lunches: $2
  • Middle School lunches: $2.25
  • High School lunches: $2.50
  • Reduced price lunches all levels: $.40

Breakfast Prices:

  • Elementary breakfast: $1
  • Middle/High School breakfast: $1.25
  • Reduced price breakfasts all levels: $.25

Milk is served with all lunches. Milk choices include 2%, 1%, and 1% chocolate. Some lunches also include fruit juices in addition to the milk. You can view the current school menus on line by clicking on the Lunch Menu link on the home page, listed under School Links on the left menu.

For more information about free and reduced meal income guidelines, or to get an application, please visit the Food Services page.

Is my child eligible for free or reduced meals?

Good nutrition matters. QPS’s Food Service department works to provide balanced, delicious meals to all our students.  We also recognize that some parents may have difficulty paying full price for school meals.  Households meeting certain income guidelines are eligible to get free or reduced price meals for their children.

Application forms are available at each school. Read more or get an application at the Food Service page.


My child is being treated with antibiotics for a strep throat or conjunctivitis when can he come to school?

A child who has an infectious illness should be on antibiotics for at least a full 24 hours before returning to school. See contagious disease section for more information.

Can my child take their own medication in school?

No, Quincy Public Schools have a medication policy that requires certain consents to be in place before any medication is taken in school. This policy is in place to protect both your child and the other students in the building.

Why does my child need a new physical every year to play sports?

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association requires that student athletes have a yearly physical exam to play sports. This is really for the health and safety of your child. Routine physical exams are where certain medical conditions are and can be treated to prevent future complications.


When should I keep my child home from school due to illness?

If your child has a fever of 100.0 or higher, has vomiting or diarrhea during the night, or has drainage from his eyes. He should stay home from school.

A child may need to stay home for a day or two when he has a cold, frequent cough, runny nose or the fatigue that is often present at the height of a cold. A day or two at home resting and drinking a lot of fluids is often needed so the child can return for the school day.

If your child has a stomach illness causing nausea and vomiting they should stay home from school. They should remain at home until they have been able to hold down solid food for 24 hours. See contagious disease section for more information.

My child must take medications. How is this handled at school?

When a student is required to take medication prescribed by a physician during school hours, two prerequisites are needed:

  • Written permission for the nurse to dispense the medicine must be signed by a parent and the doctor before any such medicine will be dispensed.
  • The medicine, which is limited to five-day supply, must have the prescriptive label. The medicine will be kept in a locked cabinet and dispensed by the nurse. If necessary, the form must be updated at the request of the school nurse.

Need more information?  Please visit the Health Services page.

What happens when my child is sick?

When you keep your child at home at the first sign of an illness, you protect your child from other health problems and you protect other children from exposure to the illness.

If your child should become ill at school, the building principal or school nurse will try to reach you during the day. Please keep the school informed of all emergency contact numbers.  Having a current Contact Card on file with your child’s school can make it much easier for QPS personnel to get in touch with you when necessary.

Are immunizations required to register my child at QPS?

All students K through 12 must be fully immunized against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) and such other communicable diseases as may be specified from time to time by the department of public health. Students entering grade 7 MUST have had a second MMR before entrance in the fall.

For your convenience, clinics will be held the preceding spring. All new entrants must present evidence of having had a second Mantoux TB Skin Test within the preceding year. Any student who fails to comply with these laws will be excluded from school. Public school students entering school for the first time, whether at kindergarten or through transfer from another school system, will be required to present a physician’s certificate attesting to immunization against diphtheria, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, tetanus, and measles.

The only exception to these requirements will be made on receipt of a written statement from a doctor that immunization would not be in the best interests of the child; or, the student’s parent of guardian stating that vaccination or immunization is contrary to the religious beliefs of the student or parent.

Questions? Please visit the Health Services page.