Do you serve lunch and breakfast?


We serve breakfast and lunch at all schools every day.

Lunch Prices:

  • Elementary lunches: $2
  • Middle School lunches: $2.25
  • High School lunches: $2.50
  • Reduced price lunches all levels: $.40

Breakfast Prices:

  • Elementary breakfast: $1
  • Middle/High School breakfast: $1.25
  • Reduced price breakfasts all levels: $.25

Milk is served with all lunches. Milk choices include 2%, 1%, and 1% chocolate. Some lunches also include fruit juices in addition to the milk. You can view the current school menus on line by clicking on the Lunch Menu link on the home page, listed under School Links on the left menu.

For more information about free and reduced meal income guidelines, or to get an application, please visit the Food Services page.

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