Quincy High School Library


QHS Bradford Library Hours

Monday – 7:45-2:30
Tuesday-Friday – 7:15-2:30
Half Day Tuesdays – 7:15-12:30
Period 2 – Closed for Freshmen Seminar


The goal of our library is to make reading and literacy enjoyable and exciting! We want everyone to feel that our library provides an important resource to all our students.

Our library is more than books in a room. We provide access to computers and media. We help students with research. Students learn critical reading and analytic skills that can help them succeed not only in school but in their everyday lives.

Email the librarian! nataliecoady@quincypublicschools.com

Stop in to our library and see what is available!  Advise the librarian of titles you would like the library to have in the collection.

To access the QHS Bradford Library Catalog, under Library Catalogs, choose QHS Bradford Library.  In the “Library Catalogs” menu, you may choose to look at: the QPS Library Catalog, the Thomas Crane Public Library Catalog and Research Databases, and the Old Colony Library Network Catalog.

Instruction for Freshmen is included in the Freshmen Seminar program:

Program Description

The librarian offers guidance, instruction, and coaching in using information resources critically and effectively.

Quincy High School’s Library/Media program supports

  • Academic performance and integrity
  • Development of sound research methods
  • Exploring recreational reading
  • Using technology ethically and judiciously
  • Appropriate presentation skills
  • Quality media arts

The Bradford library is a popular meeting spot for clubs and study groups.  The program helps grow connections between the school, our community, and global resources for teaching and learning.