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Faculty Email Website
Mr. Taglieri, Principal  
Mrs. Murray, Asst. Principal  
Administrative Assistants  
Ms. Whitney-Maher (Principal)
Ms. Golden (Principal)
Ms. Bassett (Main Office)
Ms. Bertrand (CH 74)
Ms. Collyer (Main Office)
Ms. Cunniff (Ad. Asst.)
Ms. Sullivan Grade 10
Mr. Johnston Grade 11
Mr. Carey Grade 12
Ms. McPartlin Grade 9
Ms. McGeady
Ms. Paul (Ad. Asst.)
Ms. Becky
Ms. D’ Oyley
Ms. DeGraan
Ms. Dubois
Mrs. Eldridge
Mr. Lorenzano
Ms. Lyons
Ms. McKenzie
Mr. Reardon
Ms. Patten
Ms. Sullivan
Ms. Baker
Mr. Lane, Athletic Director
Mr. Mahoney
Ms. Califano (Ad. Asst.)
Ms. McGrath
Ms. Torraco
Ms. Condon
Ms. Baker (Ad. Asst.)
Mr. McGunagle
Mr. Smith
Chapter 74 Programs  
Ms. McInnis, Dept. Head
Ms. Ells
Ms. Broughton
Mr. Campbell
Mr. Cassidy
Mr. Cheney
Ms. Forrester
Mr. Davis
Mr. Gluvna
Mr. Green
Mr. Holbrook
Mr. Holmes Mr. H’s Website
Mr. Kelly
Ms. Kennedy
Ms. Martin
Ms. McGinnity
Mr. McNeice
Ms. Niosi
Mr. Noé
Mr. Richards
Ms. Saylor
Ms. Spellman
Mr. Thibault
Mr. Tully
Ms. Walsh
Mr. Welch
Ms. Harrison
Ms. Calvert (ELL Para)
Ms. Tran (ELL Para)
Mr. Barry
Ms. Lane
Mr. Sullivan
Mr. Ellis, Dept. Head
Mrs. Bacchieri website website
Ms. Carvalho
Ms. Cesso
Ms. Coffey
Mr. Columb Website
Ms. Hall Website
Ms. Hajrizaj-Beqaj
Mr. White
Mr. Natalizia
Ms. Nosek
Ms. Volta Ms. Volta’s Class Website
Mr. Lang
Mr. Boynton, Dept. Head
Ms. Amira-Marchfrazier
Ms. Bell
Ms. Bodinaku
Ms. Camiolo
Ms. Celano
Ms. Hoyt
Ms. Mahoney
Mrs. Lane
Ms. Southwick
Ms. Wang
Ms. Fleitas
Ms. Snell, Dept. Head
Mr. Bacchieri
Ms. DeBenedictis
Mr. Bretsch Website
Ms. Conlon Website through Aspen
Ms. Croke
Mr. Gendron Website
Mr. Greene
Ms. Hazelton
Mr. Lane
Ms. Lee
Ms. Petcosky
Ms. Pierce
Mr. Pifer
Ms. Pritchard
Mr. Smith, Dept. Head mrsmithweb
Ms. Boudreau
Mr. Boudreau
Ms. Ullah
Ms. Chang
Mr. Forrest
Mr. Ferguson
Ms. Hsu
Mr. Imhoff
Mr. Johnson
Ms. Krieger website
Mr. Long
Mr. Miller
Ms. Murray website website
Ms. Randall
Ms. Tongchariensirikul
Mr. Bell, Dept. Head
Mr. Benson
Ms. Begin Ms. Begin’s History Class
Mr. Doyle Mr. Doyle’s Classroom
Mrs. Levine Mrs. Levine’s History Classes
Ms. Good website
Mr. Ikeda Mr. I’s Class Website
Mr. Harris
Mrs. Lundquist
Ms. Matthews Ms. Matthews’ Class
Ms. McMillen
Mr. Noble
Ms. Twomey Ms. Twomey’s Class
Mr. Schatzl
Ms. Kusy, Dept. Head
Ms. Conso
Ms. Anderson
Ms. Seroll
Ms. Chin
Ms. Considine
Ms. deVarennes
Mr. Harmon
Mr. McAllister
Mr. Osterman
Ms. Pantano
Ms. Principi
Ms. Reardon
Mr. Sommers
Ms. Newell
Ms. Marstjepovic
Mr. Carew
Ms. Carnahan
Mr. Doucette
Mr. Kenneally
Ms. Kerns website
Ms. Knudsen
Ms. Medeiros
Ms. Spencer
Mr. Walsh
Ms. O’Connell
Ms. Maier


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