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Quincy High School has dozens of clubs and organizations.  Students can pursue interests in music, the arts, theatre, community service, academics, athletics and more.  Watch for announcements about club meetings.

Clubs and Organizations

Quincy High School has dozens of clubs for students.  From the arts to community service to academics, there is a group of students at QHS who share your interest! Learn to sculpt! Build a robot! Tutor young children in reading. Whatever your interest, there is a club or organization who can help you explore it.

These are just some of the clubs and organizations available to Quincy High School students. See the chart below to find out who the academic advisor is for any club and get involved!


Club (website) Description Faculty advisor/Location Meetings
Academic Decathlon The United States Academic Decathlon was created to provide opportunities for students to experience the challenges of rigorous team and individual competition. Each team competes in ten events- economics, language and literature, art, music, mathematics, social science, science, essay, interview, and speech. Each year the science or social science is used as the Super Quiz topic. Mr. Harris-D123  
Art Club Students in Art Club will create individual and group works, outside of the typical classroom experience. There will be opportunities to explore to media and more individual attention in the small group setting. Creativity and collaboration are keys to success in Art Club. Ms.Kerns- C125 Thursdays in C126 from Oct-May
Band The concert band performs at concerts, football games, and festivals throughout the school year. They also march in parades with statewide recognized bands. Mr. Kenneally-B113 Period 1
Book Club The QHS Book Club is a group of students that reads and discusses books of our choice. Ms. Cesso- D326

Mrs. Lundquist- D123

Ms. Matthews- D219

Business National Honor Society** The object and purposes of the National Business Honor Society-Quincy High School Chapter are to promote and recognize academic achievement in business education at Quincy High School; foster and recognize leadership skills and character development; help members grow ethically and socially by promoting and encouraging an interest in business; and encourage member involvement in service learning initiatives. Mrs. Martin-A325 Wednesdays, once a month, 7:00 – 7:45
Club Hope We raise awareness of individuals who have cancer or you know of someone who has cancer.  We raise money for the Children’s Hospital, and other organizations affiliated with cancer treatment. Ms. DeVarennes Wednesdays bi-weekly in A407
Debate Club


 The Quincy High Debate Club is a new student group dedicated to the ancient art of rhetoric. Students collectively choose interesting and controversial topics to research, discuss, and debate. Weekly meetings provide preparation time to review relevant research and isolate key points related to the chosen topic, with the last meeting of each month being designated for the debates themselves. All meetings held in room D150. See Mr. Ikeda for further details.  


Drama Club The Drama Club is a student run organization that’s main goal is to expose the Quincy High community to the theatrical and performing arts.  We have about 80 active students and put on two productions a year.  These productions allow students and faculty to get hands on experience in the mounting of a show. Mr. Doucette &


Different times throughout the year.  The meeting times are on the morning and afternoon announcements in the Auditorium.
Fashion Club    
FAST Female Athletic Strength Training: open to all girls at QHS. We work out twice a week in the weight room and on the track. There are also workouts over the summer. Ms. Conlon- A208

Ms. Matthews- D219

Ms. Niosi- President’s Cafe

Twice per week in the weight room.  Please see one of the coaches for specific days of the week. This will change each sports season (fall/winter/spring).
Future Chefs Future chefs is a privately-funded school to career program working with high school student and graduates of high school culinary arts program in the Greater Boston Area. Mr. Noë- Culinary Thursdays 2:30-4:30
Harvard’s Model Congress Please click on the link to the left for information. Mrs. McMillen  
Harvard’s National Model UN Model UN is a new club at Quincy High. Founded in Spring of 2012, members pick a country and debate current issues from the view point of the country they are representing.


Mrs. McMillen Mondays 2:30 in the Guidance office
History Bowl The National History Bowl is a history quiz competition for teams of students throughout the USA!  QHS has qualified and competed in the to the National Championships in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA for the past 2 years. Mr. Ikeda   
Horizons Choir* Horizons Choir is an auditioned ensemble comprised of 22 students. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays after school. Students perform advanced choral music at concerts and at community and school events. Mr. Carew-C122 Tuesdays at 3:00
Horticulture Club  A405 Thursdays afterschool in A405
Hyper Robotics HYPER stands for Helping Youth Pursue Engineering and Robotics.  The 2013-2014 season marks Quincy Public School’s 18th year with FIRST Robotics. Today the team consists of over 50 high school students, six teachers, several engineers, machinists, technicians, and more than two-dozen actively involved team alumni.  Though all activities center around the robot and competition, Team HYPER has become much more. HYPER is a diverse group of individuals, focused as a team towards one goal: providing an environment for students to test different interests and skills through hands-on experience. Mr. Smith, Mr. Howard, Mr. Long, Mr. Gendron, Ms. Pierce, Ms. Byron-A316 Winter/Spring   Bethany Church – Lower Level
Interact Club-Community Service  A Community Service club that works with the Rotary of Quincy. $5 dues are required to join. All money goes to local charity. Mrs. Eldridge-Guidance We meet about once a month on Friday’s after school in Adams Hall
Italian Club                               


Italian Club is dedicated to exploring the language, culture, and history of Italy. Anyone can join, even if they are not currently studying Italian. Students discuss topics for which they are passionate and share ideas on how to incorporate their interests into the school culture. Students are asked to participate in fundraising and the Cultural Fair at Quincy High School.


Ms.  Amira C312


Thursdays afterschool
Latin Club Latin Club is open to students who want to enrich their experience of the culture and language of Ancient Rome through Latin-related activities, word games, festivals, and foods.


  Usually Thursdays afterschool in room C314 look for flyers
Leadership 9th Grade students learn about teamwork, trust, and communication. Student leaders (10th and 12th grade) work with students in the above areas. Mr. McNeice-A322 Period 2 Cafeteria
Math Club The QHS Math Club is a group for students of all grades and abilities to join others with a passion for mathematics. Our club meets Monday and engages in fun and interesting math problems, tackles challenging math activities, and participates in presentations on the history of mathematics. Members of the club also participate in the monthly New England Math League Contests. Mrs. Canning-D310

Mrs. Snell-A308

Monday in room D310
MFA Docents* The MFA Docent Program is an amazing opportunity for you to take advantage of one of the world’s greatest cultural institutions:  Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.  As an MFA student docent you will be trained to understand and appreciate galleries that fit into a special theme that complements the freshman social studies curriculum.  In the past we have explored:  Asian Art, Influences of Classicism, American Art, and Religious Art.  In addition to being a once in a lifetime opportunity, this is also a serious COMMITMENT and there are both expectations and rewards that you should understand. Ms. Twomey-D312 Applications and interviews will be in May & June for Freshman.  Program runs from Sophomore through Senior year.
Mu Alpha Theta-Math Honor Society** Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society with 99,000 student members in more than 2000 schools. Currently the QHS chapter has 49 members. These students are recognized for their excellent achievement and participation in the QHS Math Club. Students are chosen based on their attendance and mastery of the multitude of topics covered during the year. Seniors are recognized at graduation with special tassels for their caps.


Mrs. Snell- A308

Ms. Canning-D310

National Honor Society


The National Honor Society is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. The NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Mrs. Good


Biweekly Thursdays before school
Pony Express- School Newspaper The Pony Express is the official publication of Quincy High School. It blends a myriad of voices and perspectives as it delivers news articles, editorials, music, drama views, interviews, and poetry to the school. Every member has the opportunity to express his or her opinion freely in The Pony Express as the endeavors to communicate the many interests and concerts that permeate our diverse population. Mrs. Carvalo-D227

Mr. Natalizia-D212

Operation Days Work A student-run organization where each year, an organization’s project in another country is chosen and 10,000 dollars is donated to accomplish a project to benefit kids in another country. Ms. Estis


Fridays afterschool at 2:45
Ping Pong Club The Ping-Pong Club is for anyone who is interested in playing or learning how to play Ping-Pong. You do not have to be an expert to join. The goal is to provide an after school sport activity for students to mingle, make friends, and relax before heading back home. Mrs. Snell-A308

Ms. Lundquist-D123

Programming Club Students have supported time after school to begin learning about computer programming or continue developing their programming skills.  All abilities are welcome! Mr. Gendron &

Mr. Long-A305

Thursdays afterschool in A220
Prom Committees Quincy High School’s Senior Prom Committee works from June of their junior year all the way through May of their senior year on the amazing night that is prom. They choose the location of the prom, the DJ, food, ticket prices, fundraising, and keeping track of chaperones. Mrs.McPartlan -Dean’s Office
Recycling : QUEST Helps facilitate QHS Recycling program. Students can receive community service credits. Mr. Leonard
S.A.D.D. SADD is brand new to Quincy High School. Initially it started as Student Against Driving Drunk. SADD National realized the potential impact it could make and changed its name to Students Against Destructive Decisions. Our SADD Chapter’s motto is: Let’s Make a Difference. The SADD members are excited to get involved with the school and community. SADD holds a Drug Awareness Week, bringing in speakers. They are partnered with the Best Buddies Organization, helping and working with peers that have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Mrs. McGrath- Nurse’s Office
Science National Honor Society** Science National Honors Society encourages and recognizes scientific and intellectual thought. Mrs. Boudreau-A425 Every half-day Tuesday in Adams Hall
Skills USA “SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce”   SkillsUSA provides CTE students with the opportunity to grow in their chosen career field as well as to compete with other students in their respective fields.  In many ways it is similar to an “Academic Decathlon” for CTE students. Mr. Holmes-C204


As a general rule the Leadership Team meets the first Wednesday of each month and the Full Chapter meets on the second and fourth Wednesday.
Spectrum-Gay/Straight Alliance SPECTRUM is the QHS gay-straight alliance.  Our mission is three-fold:

1.  To educate ourselves and others about LGBT issues and resources

2.  To show support for friends and family in the LGBT community

3.  To hang out and have fun in a safe and accepting environment

Ms. Becky-Guidance Wednesdays 2:45 to 4:00 p.m. in the Frank Santoro Conference Room
Student Council Quincy High School’s student council is a group of devoted kids that essentially dedicate all of their time and effort into making the school and community a better place. From the annual Fall Festival, to volunteering in walks for Hunger, planning blood drives and dances – the Student Council does it all. Ms. Chang & Mr. Miller Wednesday s @ 2:30 in D320
Yearbook Yearbook is a club and a class at Quincy High School, with students that are interested in their graduating class enough to write a book on them. This class meets period 10 and does everything from making pages and writing narratives, to selling books and communicating with Jostens’ Yearbooks to make sure that students are handed a book that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Ms. McGinnity-C112 Period 10 in C112



*Audition/Application needed

**Invitation Only