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North Quincy High School

316 Hancock Street

North Quincy, MA  02171




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Principal:  Robert Shaw, 617-984-8744

Secretary: Carol Clooney, 617-984-8744

Assistant Principal: Michael Connor, 617-376-1166

Secretary:  Catherine Joyce, 617-984-8974


Class of 2018: Peter Chrisom, Jr., 617-984-6634

Class of 2019: Bill Shaughnessy, 617-984-8976

Class of 2020: Susan Nash, 617-984-8977

Class of 2021: Daniel Coughlin, 617-984-8916

Department Heads

Guidance: Helena Skinner, 617-984-8985

Special Education: Tracy Phelan, 617-984-8698

Career and Technology Education: Marianne Collins, 617-984-8749

English: Michael Jorgenson, 617-984-8991

English Language Learners Program: James McAdams, 617-984-8697

Mathematics:  Judith Holliday, 617-984-8993

Science: Kenneth Panaro, 617-984-8996

Social Studies:  Danielle Fernandez, 617-984-8995

World Languages: Maryann O’Regan, 617-984-8992



Athletics, J. J. Niamkey, 617-984-8866

Attendance, 617-984-8746, 617-984-8979

Health Office, 617-984-8972

Ms. Crowley

Mrs. Houlihan

School Psychologist, 617-984-8982

Mrs. Farren

Media Center, 617-984-8997

Mr. Mazzulli

Security, 617-984-8696

Mrs. Calabro

Mr. Fitzgerald

Mr. Palumbo