Jun 232014

From the Principal

I want to express my thanks to the children, teachers, support staff, parents, PTO, and community for another successful year at Montclair school.  I feel that this year the  students have made tremendous progress and grown so much academically and  socially.  It is satisfying to see the independence of our kindergarten students and first graders, the cooperation in our second and third grade students, the commitment to task of our fourth grade students, and the   leadership and excitement of our fifth grade students as they approach middle school.  I am very, very proud of the work our student completed and the many ways they have grown.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 3 for our   final PTO meeting of the year.  Mayor Koch will be attending the meeting!  Immediately following the meeting we will hold a Thank You Breakfast for parents.  We invite you to this breakfast as our way of saying thank you for volunteering and supporting our school. Whether you are able to volunteer during the school day, show your support through donations, or do work behind the scenes, we truly appreciate you.

In my final newsletter for the 2013-2014 school year I would to again like to express my gratitude for being allowed to work with your       children.  I feel privileged to have been  entrusted with leading a fine school community and am grateful to all who work tirelessly to provide our students with an  excellent education and wonderful learning opportunities.  I look forward to next school year and the many things we can and will continue to accomplish!

I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing summer filled with family, friends, and a ton of sunshine!


Renee L. Malvesti


Jun 232014

Gr. 5cGr. 5bGr. 5

Click on the picture to see additional pics   from Montclair School’s Annual Last Bell Send Off.  Best wishes to our 5th grade class in middle school next year.  You will make us proud!!!

Make A Splash with QPS and the YMCA

Posted by rmalvesti on March 19, 2014
Mar 192014

Make A Splash Make A Splash Translation

March Newsletter!

Posted by rmalvesti on March 19, 2014
Mar 192014

March Newsletter

March Calendar!

Posted by rmalvesti on March 19, 2014
Mar 192014

March Calendar

Happy 100th Day of School!

Posted by rmalvesti on February 14, 2014
Feb 142014

Montclair staff and students celebrated the 100th day of school on February 13 with special curriculum activities, dressed liked they were 100!

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 004

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 003


Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 005

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 002

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 001



The Montclair School community celebrated Chinese New Year with a Lion Dance Performance by Woo Ching White Crane and Chinese Food provided by David Chu from the Cathay  Pacific Restaurant.  Once again this year, Mr. Chu was extremely generous in the food he donated and even included a red envelope with a quarter for every student.  The envelope is a symbol of luck and good fortune!

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 033

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 031

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 013

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 025

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 035

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 027

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 019

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 024

Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 029


Crazy hair.Chinese New Year.2014 036


Curriculum Night

February Newsletter!

Posted by rmalvesti on February 13, 2014
Feb 132014

HeartClick on the heart (on this page and the next!) for the February Calendar.

February Calendar!

Posted by rmalvesti on February 13, 2014
Feb 132014


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