Lego Robotics

 Posted by on August 29, 2018
Aug 292018

The challenge for the fall has been announced, check it out: Into Orbit!

For some interesting videos from the European Space Agency click here.

Grades 7 & 8: Fall robotics will begin Monday September 10th. Please get a form from Ms Mastico so we can keep the roster, and email list, updated.

Grade 6: we will meet on Wednesdays until 4, beginning September 12th. Currently there are no more spaces in the program. If your child was not able to join this fall, please let me know and I will add him/her to the waitlist. Sometimes students realize there are other things they want to do and leave, so spots open up. Waitlisted students always get a spot in the new year for the second session.

Everyone: take a look at the fall challenge (link above). We will have our grade 8 team representing the school on the day of the qualifier but everyone will be trying out the challenges to see what they can do. We will have an in-school competition after the official qualifier. We have an excellent tradition of gracious professionalism in Central and teams work cooperatively, assisting one another, even as they compete.

Spring Challenge 2018

The judges and organizers put on a great competition, thanks to all. Thanks to the Hyper volunteers for a job well done too!

Wow! What a great day. Our four teams all won awards: Rising Stars, Robot Performance, Mechanical Design, Research Project, Excellence in Engineering, Core Values, and the Champions Trophy which returns to it’s place of honor in the library. All the teams work together and talk to each other, helping one another out, so I feel that all the awards are in part won by everyone who is involved. Congratulations to everyone for such a successful day!





















Lego Robotics is run by Ms Mastico. The year begins with the international First Lego League competition which we enter with one team of ten. While that team is working everyone else in robotics is part of a team trying to build the best robot and consistently get the most points. After the qualifier, all being well, there will be an in house competition to see who built the best one. Following this there will be a challenge arranged by your coaches, one year was burglar alarms, the next was Sumo bots. This is an in house challenge. Later in the spring Quincy hosts the Presidents cup, a citywide competition between the middle schools. This is usually an old FLL challenge and consists of all the aspects of an official competition.