Lego Robotics

 Posted by on June 26, 2019
Jun 262019

Breaking news! 

The Fall challenge details will be released SOON, August 1st. City Shapers is the theme.

Central Lego Robotics:

  • runs every Monday and Wednesday until 4pm
  • Grade 6 meets on Wednesday, Grades 7+8 on Monday
  • The fall session begins on the first Monday we are back in school
  • The spring session begins in the new year
  • If there is no room in the fall session you will be first in line for the spring
  • Interested students must see Mrs Mastico (the librarian and robotics coach) for an application form

In the fall we run the FLL challenge, two teams attend the qualifier and the other teams compete between one another at school. The spring competition follows a past challenge and can have many teams competing. Between the two we have a different challenge such as burglar alarm or balloon battle bots.

Revere Qualifier

A good time was had by all. Thank you to the Nutron Robotics team at Revere High for a well run day.
There were some nail biting performances but both Central teams were great. Their simple but effective robots performed well against some very complicated machines, and beat some of them too. Esquadrón de Fuerza were able to finish with the top robots and came in 10th out of 22. This was an amazing achievement since the team was newly formed and had less time. The Golden Gladiators impressed the judges and came away with the Inspiration Award. Their strong research project, engineering design, and core values, combined with a solid robot performance to win them a spot in the Eastern Massachusetts Championship.









Lego Robotics is run by Ms Mastico. The year begins with the international First Lego League competition which we enter with one team of ten (2018 saw the addition of a second Central team). While that team is working everyone else in robotics is part of a team trying to build the best robot and consistently get the most points. After the qualifier, all being well, there will be an in house competition to see who built the best one. Following this there will be a challenge arranged by your coaches, one year was burglar alarms, the next was Sumo bots. This is an in house challenge. Later in the spring Quincy hosts the Presidents cup, a citywide competition between the middle schools. This is usually an old FLL challenge and consists of all the aspects of an official competition.