Posted by on February 16, 2015
Feb 162015

digital-libraryDo you know that we have almost 200 ebooks for you to read online or check them out and read them when offline too. If you search for a subject in the catalog and a green “E” symbol appears beside the title it is an ebook. Clicking on “Open” by that title will open the follett shelf eReader.

Aspen ID and password to login on library catalog page BEFORE you try to open the book. OR use the guest login (ask MrsM).

Signing in enables you to store the book in your “bookbag”, highlight text and bookmark pages. Most of the ebooks are infinite use licenses so many people can access the title at any one time.

Useful apps for the library include Destiny Quest, and Access My Library.

If you have ANY questions about this, ask Mrs Mastico. When school is out you can always email. The answer might not be immediate but you will get one!