May 212019

Quincy High School’s Design & Visual Communications program lead by Aileen McGinnity had a very special speaker visit today. Zachary Achorn from SelfMade Designs came in a shared his vision with the Design & Visual Communications, Film & Television and Fine Arts students. Zach shared his journey as he went from a college dropout to a mortgage loan rep to the owner of SelfMade Design, an artist haven.

Zach came to QHS with his entourage. They included Dave Oxnard who does videography and photography, Carlton Dyer who is a carpenter, and Shlomo who has an online radio program. These guys toured the school, spoke to our arts classes, gave out T-shirts and taught the kids that you can make a living as an artist.

Zach is the brains behind the “Support Local Artist” movement. In 2013, SelfMade Designs began a movement to serve and Support Local Artists™. What started as a simple motto has since turned into a crusade for the SelfMade Designs team, members, and supporters of its cause. The #SupportLocalArtists Street Team carries out their mission by raising awareness about the movement, supporting local artists at various events, and bringing their #gymforartists to the people.

Their one-of-a-kind “Gym for Artists” enables individuals of all ages and levels of experience to learn, practice, evolve, and showcase their artistic talents in a supportive, community environment. SelfMade DesignsGym for Artists features comprehensive work spaces, helpful tools, ample resources, and instructor-led classes for various styles of art including painting, drawing, graphic and fashion design, photography, videography, screen-printing, sound recording and music production, DJing, clay/pottery, crafts, and more.

To show even more support for Quincy High, the boys attended the Fashion/Art Show that same evening. Zach commented on it, “The show was amazing Robin Kaplan and the kids did an amazing job! We were all so impressed, we were saying how that show was better than some of the recent fashion shows we have been at in Boston.”

ECC Receive CPR

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May 212019

QHS Early Education and Care students are certified in Infant, Child and Adult CPR and First Aid before graduation.

Film & TV Program Receives Award

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May 012019

The Film and Television Production class at Quincy High was presented an award at the Quincy Access Television Awards Dinner on April 25. The award was for the internship program. This is a program that has been running for many years, and has received several awards. Some recent awards include first place in the League of Women Voters and MWRA video contests. The interns are currently working on a new show that will air on QATV later this spring. Holding the award in the photo are current interns Nick Burrow, Ryan Polsgrove, Kayen Osorio, and Daniel Maier.

Apr 082019

50 Healthcare Technology students from Quincy High School & North Quincy High School participated in a health care event sponsored by South Shore Hospital. A team of nurses, physical therapists and an occupational therapist from South Shore Hospital set up 4 stations which the students rotated through in small groups. These stations included: Older Adult Sensitivity Station, Career Path Station, Multi-trauma/Orthotic Station and a Total Hip Precaution/ADL Station.  Students engaged in all activities and the feedback from our students and the staff from South Shore Hospital was extremely positive!

Read Across America

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Mar 122019
Kiarra Adkins a senior from the EEC program supports literacy by reading Rainbow Fish to first graders at Atherton Hough Elementary School.
Feb 082019

The Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors of Massachusetts, PHCC of MA, will recognize Kyle Tobin as the Outstanding Plumbing Student from Quincy High School Career and Technical Programs. Kyle will receive this award on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the PHCC Award Ceremony and Trade Show in Marlboro, MA.   

Congratulations, Kyle!

Feb 042019


Congratulations to the following students for becoming Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop CC:


Juliana Beane
Abigail Decie
Ryan Duong
Sarah Le
Karmina Llaga
Zhao Li
Dean Sirois-Watts
Alita Wanaslip

Ms. McGinnity’s class was 8 for 8 this year. All students participating in the exam passed!


Feb 042019

Merry Perry of Merry Perry Design was kind enough to come into Ms. McGinnity’s Design & Visual Communications program and guide her juniors through a peer critique of a real-world design job that they are working on.

The students created mood boards and sketched out designs for a new restaurant at Marina Bay. Victory Point (the old Fishbones) is now owned by Donato Fratarolli and the students have been tasked to redesign their logo. Anna Fratarolli, Donato’s sister, has given the students a brief of what she is looking for in a new logo. Ms. Perry came in and guided the students through a thorough critiquing process. Both presenters and peers learned the nuances of proper critique and analyzation of their designs.

The student’s found this extremely helpful. Having a professional designer come in and help guide them toward the final design was invaluable.

Merry is also a treasured member of the Advisory Board for Design & Visual Communications. She owns her own design firm here in Quincy. She also has helped out with mock interviews. She comes to Ms. McGinnity’s class each year and shares her expertise. Merry also donated a multitude of design journals, books and magazines. Thanks Merry!

Jan 032019

PV Sullivan Supply recently donated over a thousand dollars in plumbing supplies to the Quincy High School Plumbing Program.  This donation was designated to support the Freshman Exploratory Class in which students survey each of the fifteen technical majors.  The supplies were used to design and develop cell phone stands. QHS is grateful to Ward 4 City Councillor, Brian Palmucci for making this possible.

The exploratory program provides freshman the opportunity to rotate through the fifteen Career Vocational and Technical Education programs offered at QHS, giving them choices in a career pathway.

Special thanks to Jim Sullivan, President of PV Sullivan Supply for his generous donation to Quincy High School’s Plumbing Technology Program.

While participating in the Plumbing Technology rotation, each student has the opportunity to measure, cut, and assemble PVC to make a cell phone stand.

Quincy High School Career Vocational and Technical Education staff are grateful to Jim Sullivan for his generous donation and support of the QHS Plumbing Technology Program.  Community Partners make it possible!!!