Feb 042019

Merry Perry of Merry Perry Design was kind enough to come into Ms. McGinnity’s Design & Visual Communications program and guide her juniors through a peer critique of a real-world design job that they are working on.

The students created mood boards and sketched out designs for a new restaurant at Marina Bay. Victory Point (the old Fishbones) is now owned by Donato Fratarolli and the students have been tasked to redesign their logo. Anna Fratarolli, Donato’s sister, has given the students a brief of what she is looking for in a new logo. Ms. Perry came in and guided the students through a thorough critiquing process. Both presenters and peers learned the nuances of proper critique and analyzation of their designs.

The student’s found this extremely helpful. Having a professional designer come in and help guide them toward the final design was invaluable.

Merry is also a treasured member of the Advisory Board for Design & Visual Communications. She owns her own design firm here in Quincy. She also has helped out with mock interviews. She comes to Ms. McGinnity’s class each year and shares her expertise. Merry also donated a multitude of design journals, books and magazines. Thanks Merry!