Jan 032019

PV Sullivan Supply recently donated over a thousand dollars in plumbing supplies to the Quincy High School Plumbing Program.  This donation was designated to support the Freshman Exploratory Class in which students survey each of the fifteen technical majors.  The supplies were used to design and develop cell phone stands. QHS is grateful to Ward 4 City Councillor, Brian Palmucci for making this possible.

The exploratory program provides freshman the opportunity to rotate through the fifteen Career Vocational and Technical Education programs offered at QHS, giving them choices in a career pathway.

Special thanks to Jim Sullivan, President of PV Sullivan Supply for his generous donation to Quincy High School’s Plumbing Technology Program.

While participating in the Plumbing Technology rotation, each student has the opportunity to measure, cut, and assemble PVC to make a cell phone stand.

Quincy High School Career Vocational and Technical Education staff are grateful to Jim Sullivan for his generous donation and support of the QHS Plumbing Technology Program.  Community Partners make it possible!!!