Welcome to our new website!

 Posted by on August 5, 2011
Aug 052011

After months of meetings and suggestions, our new website is up and running! QPS staff and community members made suggestions and requested features to help our website be more of a place to connect our schools with our students, parents, and staff. Continue reading »

The Quincy School Committee

 Posted by on August 4, 2011
Aug 042011

The Quincy School Committee consists of six members elected by the citizens of Quincy,  the Mayor, who serves as the Chair of the School Committee, and the Superintendent of Schools, who serves as the Secretary of the School Committee.  The purpose of the School Committee is to establish policies and make decisions on the basis [Read More...]

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Residency Verification Telephone Line

 Posted by on June 25, 2011
Jun 252011

Quincy Public Schools has established a Residency Verification Telephone Line.

Concerned Citizens may call the Residency Verification Line if they suspect that a student or students attending Quincy Public Schools may be a nonresident(s) of Quincy.  The number is 617-799-3842.

When calling it is important to indicate the following identifying information: Student’s name and address and/or the suspected address the student may actually be residing.