Jul 262017

Camp Learn SMore - Learning In ActionDuring the week of Monday, July 10th, 13 QPS students entering grades 1 and 2 participate in a camp themed program that balances academic skills and enrichment. More specifically, students can earn a science badge by creating their own constellations or earn their math badge by effectively using their marshmallow measuring skills. They make their own binoculars, lanterns, all while enjoying the occasional story, poem, game, and song. What a great way to spend the week!

QPS Summer Hours/New Student Registrations

 Posted by on July 26, 2017
Jul 262017

All Quincy Public Schools elementary and middle school offices are closed for the summer and will re-open on Monday, August 28.  For new students, please call your elementary or middle school office to make an appointment to register for school after August 28.

North Quincy High School and Quincy High School are open for registration throughout July and August.  Office hours are 8:00 am to 2:30 p.m. daily.

For students whose first language is not English, please contact Central Registration (617-376-3383)  beginning August 14 to schedule an appointment.

Click here for new student registration information and forms.

Click here for information about student transportation for elementary students.

For additional information about registration or to obtain elementary or middle school records before August 28, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 617.984.8701.

Jul 122017
Summer Scene Edition - Learning In Action

On Mondays through Thursdays from 7:30AM to 11:30AM over 100 students are working hard as they participate in the Developmental Learning at Amelio Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center. The program is comprised of QPS students from Pre-K to 2 and will run from July 5th to August 3rd. We’re so proud of the commitment and enthusiasm each student brings every day!

Youth Employment Permits

 Posted by on July 10, 2017
Jul 102017

Employment permits (“working papers”) for students under age 18 are issued through the North Quincy and Quincy High School main offices for both Quincy Public Schools students and Quincy residents who attend private schools.   High School Principals Shaw and Taglieri have been designated by Superintendent DeCristofaro to issue these permits.

To begin the application process, click here to download the form.   Bring the completed form and a student id, recent report card, or birth certificate to either high school main office between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm for review and processing.   The high school offices are open Monday through Friday during July and August.

Employment permits will be issued within 48 hours of receipt of completed form and required documentation.