Dec 082016

A Message from Superintendent DeCristofaro:

On Monday, November 21, the Quincy City Council met in both the Finance Committee and in their regular meeting on Mayor Koch’s request for Capital Improvement Plan funding for technology throughout the city, including Quincy Public Schools.  The result of their discussion and deliberation on that evening will have a significant effect on our Quincy Public Schools for both infrastructure and technology upgrades.
There are three influential aspects of our school system that have been enriched:
  • Working with IT Director Chuck Phelan and the city’s Information Technology staff, a new telephone system will be installed across the entire school system and fiber optic cables run to the 9 remaining school buildings without this upgrade.  ($534,000)
  • Our transportation fleet has been enhanced with 2 new full-size buses, 5 mini-buses, and 1 wheelchair mini-bus.  ($500,000)
  • Classroom and computer labs technology upgrades will be funded for replacing 472 computers, adding 180 computers in mobile labs, and ENO boards and short-throw projectors for 82 classrooms ($760,000).

Thank you to Mayor Koch and the Quincy City Council for this critical funding that will benefit so many of our Quincy Public Schools students and staff.