Mar 212016

For current Quincy Public Schools Grade 5 students who will enter Grade 6 in 2016-17 and did not attend the Elementary Laboratory Center (ELC) in Grade 5, but wish to be considered to enter the Advanced Placement Center (APC) at Central Middle School, there is an process to follow to request re-evaluation.   Students requesting a re-evaluation must meet the following criteria:  Two advanced scores on their most recent English Language Arts and Mathematics MCAS.  Click here to request re-evaluation for a Grade 5  student in QPS.   Students meeting the above criteria will be contacted to schedule additional testing in May 2016.   All decisions regarding placement in the APC program will be mailed to Parents and Guardians in May 2016.

Private school students who may be eligible for the APC program for grade 6 may request an evaluation if they meet the following criteria: Documented evidence of scores at or above the 95thpercentile on standardized assessments such as the Stanford Achievement Test or the Terra Nova.  Click here to request an evaluation for a private school Grade 5 student.  Testing for private school students will occur in May 2016 on an invitation-only basis.   Parents and Guardians will be informed of acceptance decisions in May 2016.

If you have questions regarding the ELC and APC programs, please contact Curriculum Coordinator Erin Perkins at or 617.984.8712.