Mar 042016

At the March 2, 2016 School Committee meeting Paraprofessional staff members with twenty years of service or more were recognized.

DSC_0026Kindergarten Paraprofessional Staff
(left to right)

Caroline Choueiri, Merrymount; Mildred Savage, Lincoln Hancock; Catherine MacDonald, Atherton Hough (45 years); Carol Wong, Squantum; Ines Lee, Parker; Lan Fong (Lana) Liu, Wollaston; Maisy Tong, Montclair


DSC_0011Administrative Paraprofessional Staff (left to right)

Frances Ward, NQHS Attendance (32 years); Marguerite Califano, QHS Health Office; Jeanne McQuinn, Point Webster Main Office; Paula Nicholson, NQHS Health Office; Gayle Patten, QHS Attendance; Elaine Sullivan, QHS Attendance;  not pictured:  Deborah Purdy, Atlantic Main Office

DSC_0049Special Education & Academic Program Paraprofessional Staff
(left to right)

Catherine McSweeney, Atherton Hough; Marybeth Phillips, Snug Harbor (32 years); Kowshilla (Carla) Jaggernath, Snug Harbor; Sharon Jarvie, Snug Harbor; Kathleen Powers, Squantum; Mary Ann Morgan, Sterling; Rosanne Ready, Broad Meadows; Margery Lyons, QTMP; not pictured: Carol Calvert, QHS ELL; Jane Pettinelli, Squantum; Po Chu Sham, Snug Harbor

DSC_0065 DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0056 DSC_0058 DSC_0060 DSC_0062

Catherine McSweeney, Gail Anastos, Carly Zappolo, Marissa Qualter, Principal Robin Moreira and Atherton Hough staff with  and Catherine MacDonald, Jeanne DeBoer,




DSC_0061Kathleen Powers, Squantum Elementary School Principal Steve Sylvia, Carol Wong, Mary Corwin




Ines Lee and Parker Elementary School Principal Maryanne Palmer





Sterling Middle School Principal John Franceschini, Mary Ann Morgan, Assistant Principal Courtney Mitchell



Margery Lyons, Senior Director of Student Support Services Maura Papile, QTMP Coordinator Noreen O’Connell




Noreen O’Connell, Margery Lyons, Elaine Sullivan, Gayle Patten, QHS Assistant Principal Ellen Murray, Marguerite Califano




Marybeth Phillips, Snug Harbor Community School Principal Margaret MacNeil, Carla Jaggernath, Sharon Jarvie



Broad Meadows Middle School Principal Daniel Gilbert, Rosanne Ready and family




Lana SC DSC_0064b

Wollaston Elementary School Principal Jim Hennessy and Lana Liu







Elementary Curriculum Director Erin Perkins, Caroline Chouieri, ELL Director Beth Hallett