Remembering Superintendent Eugene Creedon

 Posted by on January 14, 2016
Jan 142016

CreedonAt the January 13, 2016 School Committee meeting, retired Superintendent Eugene Creedon, who passed away on December 24, was remembered by Superintendent DeCristofaro:

   Superintendent Eugene Creedon served in so many roles in his over forty years in Quincy Public Schools. He began as an English teacher at Point Junior High School, became the first lay Principal of St. Ann’s, then on to Principal at the Parker Elementary School, where he made sure that there was always “humane treatment of little folk,” as the Mayor mentioned in his inaugural speech, quote from Colonel Francis Parker.

      Gene then became the Principal of Broad Meadows Middle School, Director of Elementary and Secondary Schools, Assistant Superintendent of Schools and Programs, and then was appointed Superintendent of Quincy Public Schools for Kindergarten through Grade 14 at the time, including Quincy College, where he served and administered so successfully until his retirement.

      As I perused his personnel file, I was not surprised by the many accolades written about who he was and his leadership from former Superintendents Larry Creedon, John Osterman, and Bob Ricci, as well as so many parents, administrators, colleagues, teachers, and students. Gene was always proud of his Kendall Street/North Quincy roots and full of his passion for teaching and always sharing his gift and love of drama and the arts, personally directing so many musical productions and plays.

      Staff and colleagues described Gene as a true friend, excellent leader, and a Principal who made a lasting impression on all students. They praised him for always being collaborative, thoughtful, and concerned about all in his care – sensitive, trusted, loved, admired, and an advocate for the self-confidence and self-esteem of students.

      A student once wrote about him “He instilled in all a will for us to do better” and “A day never passed that he did not make a student feel ten feet tall.” I was one of his Point Junior students and an eventual colleague and feel so very fortunate to have had such a wonderful teacher and mentor.

      Superintendent Creedon epitomized everything good in our Quincy Public Schools – creating his own legacy of “humane treatment of little folk (and all folk)” that will live in the hearts of so many for so many years to come…

      We send our best to Erin, Susan, Patrick, and Gene’s lovely wife Kathy, and their grandchildren.