Super Saturday: QHS Girls Volleyball in Finals!!

 Posted by on November 14, 2015
Nov 142015

Anonymous-VolleyballCongratulations to the Quincy High School Girls Volleyball Team for earning a spot in the MIAA Central/East Division 1 Finals!!

Quincy High School will travel to Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough to take on the Newton North Tigers at noon on Saturday, November 14.  Go Presidents!!

Tournament Thursday: Girls Volleyball!!

 Posted by on November 12, 2015
Nov 122015

Anonymous-VolleyballCongratulations to the Quincy High School Girls Volleyball Team for moving onto the Semi-Final Round of the MIAA Tournament!!

Quincy High School will host King Phillip Regional High School on Thursday, November 12 at 7:00 pm.

Nov 122015

QHS Adams Scholarship Ceremony 2015 Cropped

NQHS Adams 2015

183 North Quincy and Quincy High School seniors qualified for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarships, awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Recipients scored at least one Advanced in Mathematics, ELA, or Science on the 2014 MCAS and Proficient or above on the other two sections and overall were in the top 25% of the district. 83% of Adams Scholarship recipients have been Quincy Public Schools students since elementary school.

Adams Scholarship recipients are: Grace Anderson, Laqueen Arias, Grace Baker, Daisy Ban, Mahmoud Berikaa, Liam Bourgeois, Aidan Brown, Kalima Bukenya, Ann-Estelle Burke, Eliane Cabral, Wei Chung Cai, Kara Ann Carchedi, Sabrina Carlin, Otavio Carvalho, Marissa Cawley, Wai Yin Chan, Parawat Changthong, Lily Chapman, Jayda Chase, Alan Chen, Hellen Chen, Karen Chen, Amy Chieu, Raymond Ching, Katherine Choi, Wilson Chong Mei, Sarah Clancy, Alison Coleman, Stephen Condon, Theresa Cronin, Ryan Dang, Michael DeAmicis, Victoria Deery, Alexander DeJesus, Alexander DeMass, Ryan Der, Grace Dinh, Brendan Doherty, Shaina Donovan, Julia Doyle, Cameron Ebrecht, Matthew Enos, Zachary Erickson, Quinlan Evans, Robert Fitzgerald, Megan Fox, Sarah Franklin, Jonathan Frois, Langwen Guan, Corrinne Hartford, Tiffany He Lam, Quan Ho, Anehela Hoti, Gary Hu, Carmen Huang, Emily Huang, Zixuan Huang, Suzanna Hui, Elizabeth Huynh, Christopher Iacobucci, Junbong Jang, Andrew Jayne, Nicholas Kazangian, Emily Kelly, Nicholas Kelly, Manal Khan, Trevor Kirby, Genderson Lai Ng, Ryan Langers, Janice Lau, Anna Laugelle, Hanson Le, Samantha Le, Tien Phu Le, Justin Lee, Jia Yin Li, Jenni Liang, Jia Liu, Jia Jia Liang, Kelly Liang, Kevin Liang, Trina Liang, Christpher Llaga, Lauren Lo, Stephanie Lopez, Xinying Lu, Jennifer Luo, Nguyen Ly, Megi Maci, Jonathan Maung, Matthew McDonald, Thomas McLaughlin, Garrett McMorrow, Michael McNelly, Jamie Meade, Nelson Mei, Scott Mele, Edward Merrigan, Catherine Mitchell, Jenna Morris, Benjamin Morse, Conor Mortimer, Stiv Mucollari, Michael Nazzaro, Julie Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Christine Norton, Kelly Ann O’Connor, Emma O’Donnell, Ariana Paulo, David Pham, Luu Pham, Matthew Pham, Tiffany Pham, Thoma Qafko, Aditya Raj, Samantha Reardon, Benjamin Regan, Maeve Riordan, Brian Rooney, Peter Saccoach, Katherine Sautter, Fernanda Segura, Lincy Shen, Jenny Shi, Annie Shtino, Robert Smith, Aidan Smyth, Asajean Soriano, Michael Soricelli, Scarlett Stanhope, Katherine Stevenson, Vicki Szeto, Sammy Szeto, Anxhelo Taho, Miller Tan, Raymond Tan, Tiffany Tang, Wilson Tang, Bernardo Teixeira, Shannon Tierney, Regina Tham, Nassim Touil, Sylvene Tran, Vivian Tran-Vo, Han Ngoc Truong, Jason Truong, Michael Truong, Michael T Truong, Selina Tsang, Leona Tu, Ryan Tucker, Douglas Van Gorder, Jackson Vo, Kyle Vo, Marty Vo, Emily Wade, Alicia Walker, Jia Wang, Ye Yang Wang, Cameron White, Kathy Wong, Yunting Wong, Jack Wu, Kevin Wu, Yi Jie Wu, Huiyi Wu Liang, Lanny Xie, Peishan Xie, Jia Xu, Stephanie Zeng, Yuming Zeng, Joyce Zhang, Lucy Zhang, Yu Ying Zhang, Wei Zheng, Yu Juan Zheng, Yu Yang Zheng, Jessie Zhu, Joseph Zingg, Ken Zou, Vivian Zou, Xhulio Zyba



Tournament Tuesday: Girls Volleyball!!

 Posted by on November 10, 2015
Nov 102015

Anonymous-Volleyball Congratulations to the North Quincy and Quincy High School Girls Volleyball Teams for qualifying for the Quarter-Finals of the MIAA Tournament!!

North Quincy High School will host Brookline High School and Quincy High School will host Cambridge Rindge & Latin on Tuesday, November 10 at 7:00 pm.  Good luck to both teams!!

Massachusetts Family Literacy Month

 Posted by on November 10, 2015
Nov 102015

Governor Baker has proclaimed November to be Family Literacy Month, marking the 19th consecutive year Massachusetts is celebrating the role families play in supporting children’s developing literacy skills. Communities across the state are encouraged to be part of the celebration by providing organized family literacy activities.  One option is to hold a StoryWalk by placing a children’s story — a book taken apart — along a popular walking route.  While getting children outdoors for physical activity with their families, a StoryWalk also builds their interest in reading.  More information is available online about Family Literacy Month and StoryWalks.
Check Out your local Library!
Thomas Crane Public Library Event Calendar for November 2015

Fall Tournament Time!!

 Posted by on November 5, 2015
Nov 052015

nicubunu-Soccer-ballCongratulations to the North Quincy High School Girls and Quincy High School Boys Soccer teams for qualifying for the first round of the MIAA Soccer Tournament!!

North Quincy High School will play at Newton South High School tonight at 6:00 pm.  Quincy High School will play at Braintree High School tonight at 7:00 pm. 

Good luck to both teams!!

Nov 032015

At the Monday, November 2 Teaching & Learning Subcommittee meeting, School Committee members Kathryn Hubley, David McCarthy, and Barbara Isola approved a resolution to be presented at the Massachusetts Association of School Committees conference later this week.  The resolution calls for a moratorium on high-stakes standardized testing.  School Committee Vice-Chair Kathryn Hubley will present the resolution at the MASC General Session on Wednesday, November 4.  Please see below for full resolution.

MASC Resolution

Update Your Instant Alert Account

 Posted by on November 2, 2015
Nov 022015

With winter weather approaching, now is a good time to update your Quincy Public Schools Instant Alert account.  Quincy Public Schools uses the Instant Alert system to let parents know about upcoming events, schedule changes, and school cancellations or delayed openings.  You can update your Instant Alert preferences at any time to receive notifications at different times of the day on your home phone, work phone, cell phone or via email or text.

Follow this link to update your Instant Alert account or enroll for the first time: