Jul 012015

Congratulations to the following North Quincy and Quincy High School student-athletes recognized by the Boston Globe for their spring athletics performances:

Baseball:  Josh Helfrich (North Quincy High School); Greg Paulo (Quincy High School)

Lacrosse:  Marguerite Belcher, Mike Finn, Ciara Forde, Tom Koch, Molly Minton (North Quincy High School); Andy Johnson, Brian O’Callaghan, Kerry Phelan, Steve Ross (Quincy High School)

Softball:  Sarah Franklin (North Quincy High School); Angelina Avitabile, Saxon Bresnahan, Nicole Jorgensen, Angela McDonald (Quincy High School)

Track & Field:  Emily Bryson, Julia Bryson, Mike Mullaney, Melody Umoren (North Quincy High School); Curtis Calley (All-Scholastic for Shot Put), Hashim Hamdi, James Lam, Mike Munroe (Quincy High School)

Volleyball:  Jackie Chen, Anxhelp Taho, Zheng Hao Zhang (North Quincy High School); Xhuljo Zyba (Quincy High School)