Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh

 Posted by on July 27, 2015
Jul 272015

On June 24, Broad Meadows Middle School students Eve Anderson, Colleen Connor, Grace Higgins, Abigail Kraunelis, Mackenzie Maguire, and Michaela O’Gara-Pratt celebrated the opening of the Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh, along with Mayor Thomas Koch and Principal Daniel Gilbert.   From a school assignment to research less well-known historical sites in Quincy, the “History Girls” pursued the topic for almost two years,  researching and following leads and communicating with tribe members, historians, and government officials to ultimately confirm that Passanageset Knoll was one of the homes of Chickatawbut, leader of the Massachusett tribe in the early 1600s.  Information on the history of the Passanageset Knoll will be posted in the park over the summer.

For more information on the Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows, click here for the students’ presentation to School Committee.  The students can also be reached via email at

Open Enrollment Advisory ~ July 7, 2015

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Jul 072015

Quincy Public Schools is continuing to track enrollment projections, class sizes, and building capacities for the 2015-2016 school year.  QPS will issue periodic updates using a color code to indicate each school’s Open Enrollment status.

Red = Open Enrollment will be limited to siblings of students already enrolled for 2015-2016 in all grades

Yellow = Open Enrollment will be limited to siblings of students already enrolled for 2015-2016  in certain grades

Green =  Open Enrollment will not be limited to siblings

For elementary schools, Beechwood Knoll, Lincoln Hancock, Clifford Marshall, and Merrymount Elementary Schools will be limited to accepting sibling Open Enrollment requests at most grades.   Parents who have requested non-sibling Open Enrollment to one of these schools should plan on having their students attend their home school.  Parents have been notified of Open Enrollment decisions for requests received as of June 30.

Current Open Enrollment status for all elementary schools is below:

Atherton Hough

Beechwood Knoll 


Lincoln Hancock

Clifford Marshall 




Snug Harbor




At the middle school level, Open Enrollment at Atlantic and Central Middle School will be limited to siblings only in all grades.   Parents have been notified of Open Enrollment decisions for requests received through June 30.


Broad Meadows


Point Webster



For both North Quincy High School and Quincy High School, all Open Enrollment requests received to date have been granted.

North Quincy High School

Quincy High School


If you have questions about the Open Enrollment process or specific schools, please contact:  Maura Papile (617.984.8898), Rita Ranalli (617.984.8891), or Laura Owens (617.984.8702) or by email at

The Quincy School Committee has a policy of granting Open Enrollment on a space-available basis.  When making the decision to admit open enrollment students, the Superintendent must consider the capacity of the school building to accommodate Open Enrollment students both for the present school year and future years.   Click here to access the Open Enrollment link on the QPS website.

Jul 012015

Congratulations to the following North Quincy and Quincy High School student-athletes recognized by the Boston Globe for their spring athletics performances:

Baseball:  Josh Helfrich (North Quincy High School); Greg Paulo (Quincy High School)

Lacrosse:  Marguerite Belcher, Mike Finn, Ciara Forde, Tom Koch, Molly Minton (North Quincy High School); Andy Johnson, Brian O’Callaghan, Kerry Phelan, Steve Ross (Quincy High School)

Softball:  Sarah Franklin (North Quincy High School); Angelina Avitabile, Saxon Bresnahan, Nicole Jorgensen, Angela McDonald (Quincy High School)

Track & Field:  Emily Bryson, Julia Bryson, Mike Mullaney, Melody Umoren (North Quincy High School); Curtis Calley (All-Scholastic for Shot Put), Hashim Hamdi, James Lam, Mike Munroe (Quincy High School)

Volleyball:  Jackie Chen, Anxhelp Taho, Zheng Hao Zhang (North Quincy High School); Xhuljo Zyba (Quincy High School)