Apr 172015

With the warmer spring weather, there will be an opportunity for maintenance and improvement projects to get underway at many Quincy Public School sites during the April recess.

In partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority, window and door replacement projects are underway for North Quincy High School, Wollaston, Merrymount, Lincoln Hancock, and Parker Elementary Schools, with the design and drawing phases completed.  While the majority of this work is scheduled for Summer 2015, preliminary work will begin at all sites during the April vacation week.  (See below for the architects rendering of the buildings with new windows in place.)

At the Bernazzani Elementary School, a major HVAC replacement project is planned for the summer; substantial engineering and planning work will be completed during the April recess when students and staff are out of the classrooms.  At the Squantum Elementary School, a section of the roof will be replaced during the April recess as well.  At all of our schools, the Parks Department will be working on spring maintenance and clean up after the long winter.

I hope that you have a restful week and look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday, April 27 and the rollout of the Beyond the Bell program.  Information on Beyond the Bell programming will be shared on the QPS website and updated during May and June.

Merrymount FacadeNQHS Facade
Wollaston Facade