Dec 102014


usecombined-singers-web-5901conductor-web-5914At last night’s ‘Tis the Season event, Quincy Public Schools students, parents, teachers, administrators, and guests enjoyed an evening of holiday music by the Quincy Symphony Orchestra and supported by students from the John Adams Orchestra and the combined high school choirs.

Members of the John Adams Orchestra were as follows:

Violins: Kathryn Anderson , Julian Bokulich, Serena Chen, Anthony Chu, Audrey Duclos, Ethan Graney, Amaryllis Gu, Jasmine Horburapa, Sirin Horburapa, Akima Khuong, Caitlin Leach, Katherine Li, Daniel Liu, Katherine MacPherson, Breda O’Connor, Peggie O’Connor, Thomas Potts, Emily Vu, Kayla Vu, Sarah Woods, Iris Xie; Violas: Stanley Chen, Alex Cox, Amanda Morris, Ethan Sit; Cellos:  Brian Leach, Janet Little, Luke Molloy; Oboe: Karen Palmatier

Photos courtesy of the Quincy Sun.