Oct 312014

evan_grade_12As Club Leader of Quincy High School’s new Environmental & Sustainability Club, Science Teacher Evaline Hsu will be leading The Green Team, in partnership with the Planning & Community Development Department (PCD), in hosting the City’s 3rd annual participation in Green Apple Day of Service – a global green initiative sponsored by the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council.

Green Apple Day of Service projects are student sponsored events within which students, teachers, parents, and citizens come together to support healthy schools and communities, while increasing awareness of the meaningful, lasting local and global impacts of sustainable living practices through individual actions.

This year’s event, “HELP SAVE THE BEACH!!!” Wollaston Beach Clean Up will take place at Wollaston Beach on Quincy Shore Drive from 2:00pm-4:00pm on Saturday, November 1st  2014.

With its 27 miles of beautiful coastline, the event is aimed at demonstrating the importance of celebrating and maintaining the ecological health of Quincy’s most prized amenity, as well as showing the importance of recycling. Why is recycling important? – because it conserves our natural resources, protects and preserves wildlife habitats, prevents the pollution of soil, sea, and sky, mitigates global climate change by reducing carbon emissions, supports public health, creates green jobs, and diverts thousands of tons of reusable trash from ending up in landfills.

Best of all, recycling saves money and energy – and it’s as easy as a day at the beach!

One person can make a difference!

 Please join The Green Team & PCD in making a difference in Quincy!!!