ASPEN PUBLICATION #13 September 26, 2014

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Quincy Public Schools Information Technology Team continues its goal of improving and increasing HOME to SCHOOL CONNECTIONS by providing effective communications among our schools, teachers, students, and parents. Aspen, Quincy’s Student Information System is assisting us with this endeavor.  Both high schools successfully published 2014-2015 student schedules prior to the start of the new school year allowing students and parents to view their schedule in Aspen. We also successfully completed state reporting requirements utilizing various Aspen modules.

Quincy Public Schools will commence its second year of our Aspen implementation, all the while, providing a positive impact on the day-to-day operations (i.e. attendance, scheduling, gradebook: interim/grades, student portal, state reporting, etc.) within the district. As we do with all our QPS Teams, we plan, implement, and reflect/evaluate team goals and action steps. This summer was no exception as planning took place.  Our 2014-2015 implementation plan is as follows:

~ FALL 2014 ~

48 new QPS Professional Staff recently participated in Aspen Training, including fundamentals, attendance, and gradebook (optional for staff).

QPS Information Technology Team will continue to offer optional Aspen Trainings for Educators and have developed a three tier training model:  Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Training offerings include:

Aspen Beginners ~ Basic Gradebook: Teachers will learn aspects of using the Aspen Gradebook.  Basic Training begins with basic fundamentals,

Navigation, and managing student attendance.

Aspen Intermediate GradebookTeachers will learn Advanced features of the Aspen Gradebook, including importing categories/assignments from last year.

Aspen Advanced ~ Aspen Teacher Pages:  Aspen Teacher Pages helps staff members share information and ideas.  It allows teachers to create their own webpage in Aspen.  Aspen Teacher Pages promotes real time student collaboration outside the classroom.

In addition, training offerings will continue for individual QPS teams, including principals, secretaries, and student support services, etc…

Bernazzani, Parker, and Wollaston Elementary Schools as well as Atlantic and Sterling Middle Schools will participate in the Aspen Staff Attendance Pilot Program to accommodate new state reporting requirements.

Quincy Public Schools will continue to promote Aspen’s Student Portal, which provides teachers, parents, and students with the opportunity for direct communication.  Families can use the Student Portal to view academic progress, daily attendance records, schedules, Interim Reports, and End of Term Grades for their Quincy Public Schools students, along with the ability to contact teachers with questions or concerns.

QPS IT Team will continue the practice of publishing student reports (i.e. Interim reports, report cards) to the Student Portal.

Middle Schools are introducing their new transition students to the Aspen Student Portal in technology lab settings.  As we did last year, IT Team members will be available Parent Information Nights for navigation overview and login assistance for new Aspen Parents.


After a successful implementation of the 2014-2015 High School Online Course Requests, both high schools will continue this process late winter preparing for school year 2015-2016.

The IT Team in collaboration with the Special Education Team will be reviewing the requirements, training, and setup necessary for 2015-2016 Special Education Module Implementation. Aspen Special Education Module provides a case management system and simplifies collaboration between general education and special education teachers.

QPS Middle and High Scheduling Teams consisting of the QPS Information Technology Team, principals/assistant principals, and student support services staff will again, begin the scheduling process to produce and/or publish student schedules for 2015-2016.

Aspen Support and Resources

FOR TEACHERS ~ Within Aspen under help Follett provides a variety of User Guides, Quick References Cards, and Short “How to Videos.” The videos are explicit and offer step by step help using various features and tools in the Aspen gradebook.

FOR STUDENTS and PARENTS ~TheQuincy Public Schools website ( provides parent links that you will find useful and guides that will help navigate various features of the Aspen Student Portal.

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