May 152014

Passanageset Knoll imageAt the April 9, 2014 School Committee Meeting, Broad Meadows Middle School Principal Daniel Gilbert introduced a proposal to recognize the Passanageset Knoll as a historic site in Quincy.  Broad Meadows English Language Arts teacher  Ronald Adams challenged students to identify lesser known historic sites in Quincy.  Students Michaela O’Gara-Pratt, Mackenzie Maguire, Abigail Kraunelis, Eve Anderson, Colleen Connor and Grace Higgins researched the Passanageset Knoll in the Broad Meadows area around 227 Sea Street.   Artifacts were found in Caddy Park in 1999 from 3,500 years ago and are currently housed in Colorado; the students would like to see them come back to Quincy.  The Broad Meadows Marsh restoration is almost complete and the students are proposing to name the park Passanageset, install signage and artifacts, host events to publicize the site, and to create a website on Native American history.   The students are looking for support for their project and can be reached via their email account (

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