2014-2015 Kindergarten Registration

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May 272014

Quincy Public Schools’ Kindergarten Registration for the 2014–2015 school year is now underwayChildren who will be 5 years of age on or before August 31, 2014 should be registered at their home schools.  Please call your home school to make an appointment to register as soon as possible.  Children do not need to attend registration.

If you are not sure which school is your home school, click here for the street directory  Please note that parents of students seeking open enrollment must register the student at their home school.    

If your child presently attends the Pre-Kindergarten programs at either the Snug Harbor School or the Amelio Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center, it is not necessary to register your child for Kindergarten.

The following documents must be produced in order for a student to be registered:

a.    Child’s birth certificate (with a raised seal)

b.   Proof that the child resides in the home school district  (any two: tax bill, utility bill, copy of lease, car registration)

c.   Photo I.D.  of the adult seeking to enroll the student

d.    Copy of a recent (within one year) physical examination by a physician

e.     Written records of immunizations

Click here to access the Kindergarten Registration Packet.

Questions regarding the kindergarten program may be directed to your home school principal.  If you do not feel comfortable filling out the necessary forms, please feel free to bring someone that could assist you.

We look forward to having your child enter our Kindergarten program in the fall.


May 232014

At the May 21, 2014 School Committee meeting, 91 seniors from North Quincy High School and Quincy High School were recognized for their membership in the National Honor Society and their scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Mayor Thomas Koch, members of the School Committee, and Superintendent DeCristofaro congratulated these students on their accomplishments.

NQHS Scholars:  Nisreen Abo-Sido, Simon Belcher, Katherine Burke, Nicholas Burt, Katherine Chan, Jing Jung Chen, Sherry Chen, Wilson Chen, Winnie Ching, Celeste Dang, Ricky Diep, Ka Wo Fong, Yi Fung, Andy He, Perry Huang, Michelle Kung, Matthew Lau, Jennifer Liang, Stanley Lok, Emily Mai, Refiola Malushi, Stephan Maranian, Abigail Mayo, Emily Mottolo, Michelle Murphy, Simon Quach, Carolyn Schwartz, Jason Tan, Sarah Tran, Cynthia Vu, Michelle Zeng

 QHS Scholars:  Abigail Akoury, Colleen Andrews, Fatmah Berikaa, James Brennick, Shauna Canavan, Yu Ling Chen, Elio Daci, Xylena Desquitado, Kelly Dooling, Liam Fitzmaurice, Amanda Flores, Elizabeth Foley, Marlena Forrester, Stacey Gallagher, Shamus Hill, Jie Xian Huang, Angela Hyslip, McKayla Johnston, Madeline Kamb, Jorgji Kerthi, Madison Kirby, Matthew Koslowski, Elizabeth Le, Amanda Lee, Michelle Lee, Jianan Liu, Lindsey Lo, Dominique Lucier, Kayla McArdle, Leann McColgan, Aidan McMorrow, Hodan Musse, Trang Nguyen, Taylor Parry, Martha Pham, Michael Pugsley, Courtney Ryan, Emiri Sato, Lindsay Schrier, Steven Simons, Kenneth Sorenson, Phyliss St-Hubert, Iqrah Tauhid, Tayle Tervakoski, Kevin Truong, Kelsey Tucker, Bridget Wahlberg, Bethany Walker, Olivia Wallace, Allan Wong, Jin Yu Xie, Chu Jun Zheng, Yu Yao Zheng, Yuping Zheng, Diana Zhou, Jia Zhou, Linda Zhou

May 232014

With the filing requirements for the Sterling Middle School Eligibility Period completed, the Massachusetts School Building Authority is preparing an Enrollment Certification due to be issued by August 1, 2014.  Superintendent Richard DeCristofaro and City Solicitor/Sterling Building Committee Chair James Timmins met with representatives from the MSBA on May 13, 2014 to review the information submitted on the timeline below.

The inaugural meeting of the Sterling Middle School Building Committee has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 27 at 4:00 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room.  Click here for the meeting agenda.

A Community Meeting on the Sterling Middle School building project has been scheduled by Ward Councillors Brad Croall and Brian Palmucci for Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 7:00 pm at Quincy High School.

The following items were required to be completed for the Eligibility Period; click on the item to review the document submitted to the MSBA:

Deliverable Due Date Submission Date
Initial Compliance Certification March 4, 2014 COMPLETED February 7, 2014
School Building Committee April 3, 2014 COMPLETEDMarch 17, 2014
Enrollment Questionnaires (Preliminary and Follow-Up)

Educational Profile

May 5, 2014 COMPLETED April 9, 11, 2014; May 5, 2014
Maintenance and Capital Planning Information August 1, 2014 WAIVEDFY2014 information already on file
Enrollment Certification Executed August 1, 2014 TBD:  MSBA meeting was held on May 13, 2014
Local Vote Authorization for Feasibility Study October 30, 2014  
Feasibility Study Agreement Execution October 30, 2014  

Click below for notes from recent Facilities and Security and School Committee Meetings.

Click here for the April 2014 Sterling Middle School Project update. 

For more information on the process of working with the Massachusetts School Building Authority on school projects, their website can be found here:  http://www.massschoolbuildings.org/

May 222014

All Parents and Guardians Are Welcome!

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, Quincy Public Schools in collaboration with Impact Quincy, South Shore Hospital, and the Caron Foundation will be hosting a program called Hidden in Plain Sight. This event will take place at Central Middle School on 857 Hancock Street from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Hidden in Plain Sight is an interactive education program for parents/guardians featuring an exhibit where adults are encouraged to explore and interact with a display designed to resemble a teenager’s bedroom. Throughout the exhibit are items that may indicate that a teenager may be involved in some high-risk behavior such as substance abuse, underage drinking, eating disorders, sexual activity, and other risky behavior.

Following exploration of the mock bedroom exhibit, there will be an informative presentation by guest speakers Kimberly Noble and Traci Wojciechowski. Kimberly Noble is the Youth Health Connection Coordinator at South Shore Hospital. She received her B.A. in Nursing from Boston University and MBA in Health Care Administration from Western New England College. The Youth Health Connection Program collaborates with community schools to educate children and families on how to reduce risk and build resiliency. For more information about this program, please click on the following link.  http://www.southshorehospital.org/yhc

Traci Wojciechowski is the Regional Director at the Caron Foundation Student Assistance Program. Traci earned her B.S. degree in Psychology from Bridgewater State University. She is responsible for ensuring that quality education, prevention and intervention services are provided to school systems and youth agencies throughout the Northeast. Her areas of expertise include adolescent tobacco use trends, drug and alcohol trends, tobacco cessation, psycho-educational support groups, curriculum development, implementation fidelity, leadership trainings, prevention programs and adult educational programs. For more information about this program, please click on the following link.  http://www.caronsap.org/

This presentation will be followed by a personal story by Nancy Holler, who is also a parent in the Quincy community. Lastly, we will hear from Quincy Public Schools staff members, Jane Kisielius, RN MS NCSN and Kristin Houlihan, RN, who authored an informational booklet that will be given to all parents/guardians.

There is no charge to attend this program. Refreshments will be served and various door prizes will be awarded. NO YOUTH WILL BE ADMITTED TO THIS EVENT.

QPS Health Services ~ TICK ALERT!

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May 192014

Ticks are more active during warm weather!  As we are all outside more during these beautiful spring days, it is important to make you aware of several important facts and reminders.

Ticks are tiny bugs most likely found in shady, damp, brushy, wooded or grassy areas (especially tall grass) including your own back yards.

Ticks can bite you and spread diseases such as Lyme disease.  They attach to animals or people that come into direct contact with them. Deer ticks and dog ticks are found throughout Massachusetts.

When outside in an area likely to have ticks, follow these steps to protect yourself:

  • Use insect repellents that are labeled for ticks and carefully follow the directions on the label.  See www.mass.gov/dph/tick for more information.
  • Check yourself, your children and pets daily for ticks. Remove ticks promptly using a pair of pointed tweezers. If you find a tick, do not panic.  Most ticks must be attached for at least 36 hours.
  • Wash your hands and the area of the bite with soap and water.

Look for signs of Lyme disease which can be a rash that spreads but is not itchy or painful.  This can occur three days to one month after a tick bite. 

Go to :  www.cdc.gov/lyme/toolkit/index.html  for more information.


May 152014

Passanageset Knoll imageAt the April 9, 2014 School Committee Meeting, Broad Meadows Middle School Principal Daniel Gilbert introduced a proposal to recognize the Passanageset Knoll as a historic site in Quincy.  Broad Meadows English Language Arts teacher  Ronald Adams challenged students to identify lesser known historic sites in Quincy.  Students Michaela O’Gara-Pratt, Mackenzie Maguire, Abigail Kraunelis, Eve Anderson, Colleen Connor and Grace Higgins researched the Passanageset Knoll in the Broad Meadows area around 227 Sea Street.   Artifacts were found in Caddy Park in 1999 from 3,500 years ago and are currently housed in Colorado; the students would like to see them come back to Quincy.  The Broad Meadows Marsh restoration is almost complete and the students are proposing to name the park Passanageset, install signage and artifacts, host events to publicize the site, and to create a website on Native American history.   The students are looking for support for their project and can be reached via their email account (passanageset@gmail.com).

Click here for the full presentation.