Apr 252014

Quincy Public Schools offers a variety of educational experiences appropriate to the needs of all students, including those who are gifted learners.  Our Elementary Laboratory Center (ELC) gives identified gifted Grade 5 students an enrichment program designed to broaden and deepen their academic experience.

For current Grade 4 students, the ELC screening process began with the administration of the SAGES-2 screening test in February.  Test results are now available and letters have been mailed to families that share these test results.  For admittance to the ELC program, students must score 80% or higher on all three sections of the SAGES-2 test:  Mathematics/Science, English Language Arts/Social Studies, and Reasoning.  The SAGES-2 curriculum area subtests assess achievement, while the Reasoning subtest assesses aptitude.  Approximately 12% of the students screened annually meet this criteria and are invited to attend the ELC program.

For students who received 80% or above on two sections (including the Reasoning subtest), their Grade 4 MCAS scores may provide supporting evidence for reconsideration in Fall 2014.  Parents of students who meet this criteria and receive Advanced scores on both the Mathematics and English Language Arts MCAS are welcome to request reconsideration for entry to the program at that time.  No appeals will be considered until the Grade 4 MCAS scores are available in early to mid-October.

If you have questions regarding the Gifted and Talented Programs, please contact Curriculum Coordinator Erin Perkins at erinperkins@quincypublicschools.com or 617.984.8712.