Apr 302014

Now that Monday’s incident at North Quincy High School has been fully investigated and safety protocol issues documented, I want to thank Principal Robert Shaw, the staff of North Quincy High School, the Quincy Police Department, and Director of Safety and Security Michael Draicchio for their swift and coordinated response to the intrusion as it unfolded. 

Principal Robert Shaw shared the following message with North Quincy High School staff and students this morning: 

First, I need to commend all staff and students for how you responded during and after the lockdown. Most people did what they were supposed to do, and as a result school staff and the police department were able to do what we needed to do to determine what was going on and make the building safe.

The entire chain of events began when a door on the first floor was left unsecured.  An intruder entered the building through this door and made his way into the atrium and then the auditorium.  He was seen by a student, who reported the trespasser to the nearest staff member.  As the student was reporting this, another staff member encountered the trespasser, apprehended him, and escorted him to School Resource Officer Burgio.  Officer Burgio called for help, and additional police units responded in minutes.  It was at this time that the incident was also reported to me.

Many of you noticed police approaching prior the actual lockdown.  This was because we had a trespasser in custody and police were responding to Officer Burgio’s call.  However, after he was apprehended I was told there was the possibility that there could have been a second trespasser.  With that possibility, and school dismissal only a few minutes away, I put the building in lockdown.  I could not take the chance that there was a second person in the building and at 2:30 have staff and students moving in all directions.  During the lockdown, Quincy Police and school officials made a careful search of the building and found no one.  The police had every exit of the building covered, both inside and outside.  They gave the okay to dismiss school; as students and staff exited the building, police watched very carefully for signs of the possible second trespasser.  They saw nothing suspicious.

At 3:00, we shut the building down and brought in the K-9 units.  There were two reasons to do a K-9 search.  One was to be sure there was no one still in the building.  The other was to be sure the trespasser we did apprehend didn’t leave anything behind.  Every inch of this building was inspected during a three-hour search.  No person and no objects were found.

The evidence we have indicates that there was only one trespasser.  The video footage we have shows him entering alone and moving through the atrium alone.  But at 2:15 on Monday afternoon, I could not be entirely sure this was the case.  And that’s why everything that happened after 2:15 happened the way it did.

There is much to be learned from what happened the other day.  Most importantly, I have to work harder to make sure every entrance to this building is secure.  For a few minutes on Monday, the security of this building was compromised and that cannot happen again.  Also, this event reminds us all to remain aware of our surroundings and to report things that don’t look right.   

If anyone has further questions or concerns, I encourage you to drop by the principal’s office and let me know.  It is through continued dialogue and reflection that we will improve our security protocols.  Thank you for your attention to this message and for playing your role in maintaining the safety and security of this building.

Principal Shaw will be addressing parents at the North Quincy High School PAC meeting on Thursday, May 1 at 7:00 pm in the school’s Media Center.  I will also be attending this meeting, along with Director of Safety and Security Michael Draicchio.




Apr 252014

Quincy Public Schools offers a variety of educational experiences appropriate to the needs of all students, including those who are gifted learners.  Our Elementary Laboratory Center (ELC) gives identified gifted Grade 5 students an enrichment program designed to broaden and deepen their academic experience.

For current Grade 4 students, the ELC screening process began with the administration of the SAGES-2 screening test in February.  Test results are now available and letters have been mailed to families that share these test results.  For admittance to the ELC program, students must score 80% or higher on all three sections of the SAGES-2 test:  Mathematics/Science, English Language Arts/Social Studies, and Reasoning.  The SAGES-2 curriculum area subtests assess achievement, while the Reasoning subtest assesses aptitude.  Approximately 12% of the students screened annually meet this criteria and are invited to attend the ELC program.

For students who received 80% or above on two sections (including the Reasoning subtest), their Grade 4 MCAS scores may provide supporting evidence for reconsideration in Fall 2014.  Parents of students who meet this criteria and receive Advanced scores on both the Mathematics and English Language Arts MCAS are welcome to request reconsideration for entry to the program at that time.  No appeals will be considered until the Grade 4 MCAS scores are available in early to mid-October.

If you have questions regarding the Gifted and Talented Programs, please contact Curriculum Coordinator Erin Perkins at erinperkins@quincypublicschools.com or 617.984.8712.

Apr 112014

At the January 29, 2014 Board Meeting, the City of Quincy was issued an invitation by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) into the Eligibility Period for Sterling Middle School (click here for MSBA Letter).  During this 270-day period, ending on October 30, 2014, multiple requirements must be completed and submitted to the MSBA.  Successful completion of these items makes the City of Quincy eligible for consideration for a Feasibility Study invitation.  During the Feasibility Study (which takes several months to complete), Sterling Middle School grade level configuration options will be explored.  The MSBA will then present recommendations and concerns for these options for administrative and community review and discussion.

The following items are required to be completed for the Eligibility Period; click on the item to review the document submitted to the MSBA:

Deliverable Due Date Submission Date
Initial Compliance Certification March 4, 2014 COMPLETED February 7, 2014
School Building Committee April 3, 2014 COMPLETED

March 17, 2014

Enrollment Questionnaires (Preliminary and Follow-Up) May 5, 2014 COMPLETED

April 9 and 11, 2014

Maintenance and Capital Planning Information August 1, 2014 WAIVED

FY2014 information already on file

Enrollment Certification Executed August 1, 2014 TBD:  MSBA will schedule a meeting
Local Vote Authorization for Feasibility Study October 30, 2014  
Feasibility Study Agreement Execution October 30, 2014  


Click below for the Enrollment Presentations and notes from recent Facilities and Security and School Committee Meetings.

For more information on the process of working with the Massachusetts School Building Authority on school projects, their website can be found here:  http://www.massschoolbuildings.org/



School Committee Student Recognitions

 Posted by on April 11, 2014
Apr 112014

At the Wednesday, April 9 School Committee meeting. numerous high school students were recognized for academic and athletic achievement. 

Career and Technical Education Student of the Year:  Amanda Flores was recognized for her significant academic achievements while majoring in Broadcasting Technology at Quincy High School.  A National Honor Society member, Amanda will be continuing her education at Emerson College in the fall. 

Skills USA    Career & Technical Education students competed at the regional competition in eleven categories; gold and silver medal winners will move on to the state competition held from May 1 through 3.

  • 3-D Visualization & Animation:  Daniel Cunningham and Junbong Jang (Gold Medal Team)
  • Advertising Design:  Jessica Siders (Gold); Vivian Tran (Silver)
  • Computer Programming:  James Hagborg (Bronze)
  • Criminal Justice:  Jonathan Ng (Gold); Elizabeth Le (Silver); Brianna McCombs (Bronze)
  • Electronics Technology:  Thanh-Quang Hoang (Gold); AR Alhazmy (Silver); Emily Hatfield (Bronze)
  • Photography:  Wei Feng He (Gold)
  • Technical Computer Applications:  Cedric Germain (Silver); Christian Peguero (Bronze)
  • Digital Cinema Production:  Liam Fitzmaurice and Ellis Hampton (Gold Medal Team)

Winter Athletics  Athletic Directors Patrick Lane (QHS) and Michael Joyce (NQHS) introduced the student-athletes representing the MIAA tournament teams and outstanding individual achievement.

  • NQHS Boys Basketball:  Captains Efthim Butka, Anthony Green, Kyle Richardson and Coach Kevin Barrett
  • QHS Boys Basketball:  Captains Jonathan Bain, Brendan Cunningham, James Lam and Captain Dave Parry
  • NQHS Girls Basketball:  Captains Grace Geary, Haley McKay, Jane Minton and Coach Kerry Ginty
  • NQHS Boys Hockey:  Captains Robbie Cameron, Andrew Currie, Nolan Greene and Coach Matt Gibbons
  • QHS Boys Hockey:  Captains James Brennick, Matthew Davis, Patrick Donovan, Patrick Freeman and Coach Ted Walsh
  • NQHS Indoor Track:  Captains Emily Bryson, Julia Bryson and Coach Geoff Hennessy
  • NQHS Swimming:  Captains Randall Kwong, Rachel O’Driscoll and Coach Bob McGillicuddy
  • QHS Wrestling:  State Qualifiers Kreshnik Mullahi, Peter Orseno and Coach Paul Reggiannini
Apr 092014

Over 200 middle school students attend the Quincy Public Schools Advanced Placement Center (APC) for Grades 6-8 at Central Middle School.  These students attended all eleven of the city’s elementary schools and many completed the Elementary Learning Center (ELC) program for Grade 5 students.  Students (including those not currently attending Quincy Public Schools) are also invited to attend the APC program for Grade 6  based on an evaluation of their academic records and recent assessments.

Students may be considered for the APC based on a parent request for evaluation (also called an appeal).  At this time, appeals are being accepted for the 2014-2015 school year; click here to download and print the form.

Appeals are reviewed by a team of administrators in the Spring and decisions are shared with families by the end of the school year.  An additional assessment tool to assist in the appeal process may be utilized this spring and more information on this will be forthcoming.

The completed form may be submitted to your child’s school principal or mailed to Erin Perkins, Curriculum Coordinator, 159 Burgin Parkway, Quincy, MA  02169.  If you have further questions, please contact Erin Perkins at erinperkins@quincypublicschools.com.

Apr 072014

Middle School Swim Meet 2014Congratulations to the Central Middle School Boys and Girls Swim teams for winning the Middle School Swimming Championship at the Saturday, March 5 meet at Lincoln Hancock. 

Central Middle School boys won both the 100-yard medley and freestyle relay events; girls teams from Atlantic won the 100-yard medley relay and Broad Meadows won the 100-yard freestyle relay.  Swimmers from Point and Sterling won several individual events, including the girls 25-yard Butterfly and 25-yard freestyle.

Thanks to Coach Bob McGillicuddy for organizing the meet, the middle school swim coaches, and the volunteers from the Quincy/North Quincy High School swim team who assisted with running the meet.

Click here for complete meet results.