Mar 282014

At the February 25, 2014 Policy Subcommittee Meeting, there was review and discussion of revising the criteria for Athletic Eligibility.  The proposed revised high school athletic eligibility policy is found below. 

Proposed Revised Athletic Eligibility Policy – School Committee Policy 9.8.5

During the last ranking period preceding the contest, a student must secure at least 25 credits and may not receive more than one failing grade.   To be eligible for fall sports, a student must secure at least 25 credits and not have more than one failing grade on the previous academic year final report card.  All grade 9 students are eligible for fall sports.  The academic eligibility of all students shall be considered as official and determining only on the date when the report cards for that ranking period have been issued.

School Committee will vote on this revised policy at the April 9, 2014 School Committee meeting and the revised policy will go into effect in September 2014, with final grades from the 2013-2014 school year used as criteria for fall sports eligibility for Grades 10-12 students. 

Comments for School Committee on the proposed revised policy can be sent care of