Jun 252013

With the upcoming retirement of Point Webster Middle School Principal James McGuire and the recent appointment of Broad Meadows Middle School Principal Lawrence Taglieri as the new Quincy High School Principal, there are two important roles to be filled in the Quincy Public Schools at the Middle School level.  After careful consideration of different options, I am pleased to announce the following appointments:

  • Ms. Christine Barrett will become the Principal of Point Webster Middle School.  Ms. Barrett has been the Sterling Middle School Principal for five years and prior to that, was Assistant Principal at Sterling and a Dean at Quincy High School.
  • Dr. John Franceschini will be appointed Acting Principal of Sterling Middle School.  Dr. Franceschini has been the Sterling Middle School Assistant Principal for three years, and prior to that, was the Citywide Physical Education and Health Department Chair.
  • Mr. Daniel Gilbert will become Broad Meadows Middle School Principal.  Mr. Gilbert has been Principal at Snug Harbor for five years and was previously Assistant Principal at the Lincoln Hancock Community School and a teacher at Point Webster Middle School.
  • Ms. Margaret MacNeil will become Acting Principal at the Snug Harbor Community School.  Ms. MacNeil has been Assistant Principal at Snug Harbor for three years, and was previously a teaching Assistant Principal at the Atherton Hough Elementary School and a Literacy and Special Education teacher.

Please join me in congratulating these four talented educators on their new roles in the Quincy Public Schools. 

Richard DeCristofaro, Ed.D.