May 282013

In the interest of continuing to provide a secure learning environment for all staff and students,  Mayor Thomas Koch, the City Council, the School Committee, and Quincy Public Schools have collaborated to implement a number of important security initiatives for all of our school buildings.  Beginning the last week of May and continuing throughout the summer, you may notice contractors or maintenance staff members at school buildings working on installation of:

  • New locks for all classroom, office, and exit doors
  • Video intercom systems for main entrances
  • Additional internal and external security cameras
  • Additional exterior lighting
  • Access control for staff entry
  • Rapid entry systems for emergency responders

Quincy High School, our newest school building, already has many of these security features, as will the new Central Middle School when it opens next fall.  Lincoln Hancock and the Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center will have their unique building layout issues addressed through customized security upgrades.

In addition, all Quincy Public Schools staff, along with staff from other departments who provide services in school buildings, will be issued photo identification. 

These security upgrades will be completed for all schools by the time classes resume in September.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school principal, Director of Safety and Security Michael Draicchio at 617.984.8897, or me at 617.984.8701.


Richard DeCristofaro, Ed.D.