Dec 062012

North Quincy High’s Business Economics Class participated in the annual “Stock Market Challenge” presented by Junior Achievement. The Event was held at 1 Lincoln Street, Boston MA On Thursday, November 29. Key sponsors to the event included State Street Bank and Robert Half Employment Firm.

This year there were 35 Teams of High School participants from across Greater Boston in attendance, all with hopes of finishing number one.
The format of the Stock Market Challenge included: four member teams. The stock game itself is a software program created by one of the supporters of the event. Publically traded stocks with a real life stock trading atmosphere enhanced the simulation. The simulation included ticker tapes and charts indicating daily trades modeling the New York Stock Exchange.Each group of Students received an initial capital investment of $500,000 to invest and manage. Students were required to make initial investments before the stock market bell sounded. Once the bell sounded trading began with students yelling “trader.” Business volunteers for the event with palm pilots in hand logged in “buy” and “sell” trades for the participants.The total simulation period was 60 minutes, with each minute representing a day of trading. This created a fast and furious atmosphere, In addition the students were given “news releases” and “hot tips” about stocks in adding to the excitement.

When the bell rang at the end of the last day (after 60 minutes) all students had an outstanding and rewarding hands-on learning experience. North Quincy had four teams participating. One of the teams moved up into the top 10 near the end and finished a very respectable seventh place.

Congratulations for a great learning experience.

Submitted by

Richard M. Green

Business/Career Technology Instructor

North Quincy High School