Dec 052012

North Quincy High School took “First Place” at the Bryant

University “Bull Dog” Annual Harvard Business School Case Study Competition, held in Smithfield R.I. on Saturday, December 1.

Bryant University has been holding the Case Study Competition for the past 10 years. The competition allows high school students to participate in real case studies similar to those presented to Harvard Business School students for analysis. This analysis visits many issues companies face including: losing market share, threats from competition, lack of strong management, poor sales forecasting, and not staying current in technology. SWOT analysis is used in determining companies internal Strengths and Weaknesses and external Opportunities and Threats. In addition, students also identify optimum business solutions for the company that the case study identifies. 15 Teams from a Tri-State Area including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut sent their strongest business students to compete. North Quincy High under the direction of Mr. Green sent a strong four person team including Jen Chau, Senior, Tom Marshall, Junior, Rory O’Connor, Senior, and Lisa Yang, Senior.

(from left Rory O’Connor Grade 12, Lisa Yang Grade 12, Jen Chau Grade 12, and Thomas Marshall Grade 11)

The competition rules included a timed presentation using PowerPoint illustrating key elements of each team’s presentation. Each team member is also required actively participate in the presentation.

North Quincy first made it to the semi-finals, and then before a stringent judging panel showed their analytical and public speaking skills. The team captured key elements in substance, providing a strong analysis and solution to the case study. In the discussion with the judging panel they defended their positions with strong valid marketing strategies and won the panel over. According to one of the judges “the difference, provided by North, was their conviction in their solutions to the case study.”

Submitted by:

Richard Green

Business/Career Tech Instructor

North Quincy High School