Feb 272012

Quincy Public Schools has been informed by the District Attorney’s office that Quincy area students may be at risk of an internet crime.  There is information to suggest that an area youth has been targeted already.  Apparently, a person who appears on Facebook as “Sarah John” friended this student on Facebook.  Sarah John has a photo that makes her appear to be a teenage girl.  The real identity of “Sarah John” has not been confirmed.  After a few months as a passive friend, this Sarah John initiated conversations that led to the student sharing personal information.  Sarah John is now trying to extort money from the student and has threatened to make this very personal information public online.  We have learned this person has also friended other area high school students.

There is information that would lead one to believe that Sarah John is communicating from outside the United States and is unlikely to be who she claims to be.  We are sending this information in an attempt to protect all students.  We are recommending the following steps to protect your child:

  • Parents/Guardians should have a conversation with your student about online safety.
  • If your students use Facebook or other social networking sites, please remind them not to accept friend requests from people they do not know.
  • Guardians/Parents should check the Facebook account.  If this “Sarah John” has friended their child or contacted them, please make sure they unfriend her or block her. 
  • Parents should be advised if something disturbing should appear from Sarah John or someone else, please contact your local police.
  • Parents may contact Jeanmarie Carrol, First Assistant District Attorney at 781-830-4800 with any immediate concerns.

We hope this information is helpful in protecting your child from internet crime.  Thank you.