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Atherton Hough Elementary School

1084 Sea Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Principal:                           Robin Moreira,  617-984-8797

Assistant Principal:        Teresa Quinton, 617-984-8797

Secretary/Office Staff:   Jeanne Deboer, 617-984-8797

Guidance Counselor:      Molly Licari, 617-984-8902

Nurse:                                    Jordan DeLucca, 617-984-8901

In order to send an e-mail to a staff member listed below, simply type the staff member’s first and last name  (all lower case, all together), i.e.  

Atherton Hough School

Staff List 2016 – 2017

Staff’s Name Staff’s Position Staff’s E-Mail Address
Robin Moreira Principal
Jeanne DeBoer Secretary
Jordan DeLucca Nurse
Carley Zappolo Grade K
Kimberly Hogan Grade K
Marisa Qualter Grade 1
Margaret Flaherty Grade 1
Haley Shaughnessy Grade 2
Jim Camden Grade 2
Erica Mugford Grade 3
Kimberley April Grade 3
Suzanne Hajjar Grade 4
Teresa Quinton Grade 4 and Assistant Principal
 Kenneth Reichel

Greg Caswell

Grade 5

Julianne Flynn TLC
Lauren Guerriero LDC A
Laura McCarthy LDC B
Katie Kirwin LDC C
Diane Babcock LDC D
Kathleen Synnott Literacy
Carol Dyer Resource
Catherine MacPherson Resource
Meghan Chrisos Orton Gillingham
Emily Lau Orton Gillingham
Molly Licari Guidance
Caroline Steele Psychologist
Christopher Murtagh Physical Education
Dennison Wright Library/ Media Suport
Diane Doherty Music
Joseph Salvucci Band
Jeanette Grant Art
Lynne Chin Occupational Therapy (O.T.)
Emily Murphy Speech
Theresa McMahon Speech Assistant
Carolyn Treacy ELL
Catherine MacDonald, Paraprofessional K
Gail Anastos Paraprofessional K
Diane Markarian Paraprofessional Grade K
Annette Oliver Paraprofessional LDC A
Patricia Mullally Paraprofessional LDC B
Catherine McSweeney Paraprofessional LDC C
Jennifer Smyth Paraprofessional LDC D
Kenny Olson and Jim Costa Custodians Kenny Olson and Jim Costa
Susan Mullen, Mae Keith, Darlene Bergeron, Donna Long, Cheryl Jones, and Nancy Carmody Cafeteria Staff Susan Mullen, Mae Keith, Darlene Bergeron, Donna Long, Cheryl Jones, and Nancy Carmody